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Toy Machine Extended Premiere Coverage

More Palm Springs images that were just uncovered.
7307img0403_tiny.JPG 7307img0406_tiny.JPG 7307img0407_tiny.JPG 7307img0409_tiny.JPG 7307img0410_tiny.JPG 7307img0414_tiny.JPG 7307img0415_tiny.JPG 7307img0418_tiny.jpg 7307img0425_tiny.jpg 7307img0427_tiny.JPG 7307img0428_tiny.JPG 7307img0429_tiny.JPG 7307img0433_tiny.jpg 7307img0436_tiny.JPG 7307img0437_tiny.JPG 7307img0449_tiny.JPG 7307img0465_tiny.JPG 7307img0474_tiny.JPG 7307img0477_tiny.JPG
Extra Palm Springs coverage.
Posted October 31st, 2010 by the man who wasn't

Dekline Austin, Diego & Jordan update

Austin Stephens, Diego Bucchieri and Jordan Taylor are on tour for the next few weeks with Toy Machine. Check Toy Machine for all tour dates & locations.

Posted October 30th, 2010 by Sinclair

Toy Machine All Hallows Eve

The witching hour is upon us and other spooky language.
730094506_tiny.JPG 7300lamlo031_tiny.jpg 7300lamlo032_tiny.jpg 7300lamlo034_tiny.jpg
Yeah, the best idea ever. And any Loyal Pawn who didn't think of it gets a demerit.
~~~~H A P P Y   H A L L O W E E N~~~~

Get your ass to the HALLOWEEN DEMO <--------------------------!!!!!!
Posted October 30th, 2010 by The overlord of all Toy Machine and it's minions



Posted October 29th, 2010

Toy Machine BRAIN WASH is Watching You

Get your ass to the HALLOWEEN DEMO <--------------------------!!!!!!
And get some VIP tickets and shoes from EMERICA!
Daniel Lutheran video-interview by Chris Neiratko
More ACE Hotel / Epidemic Premiere coverage at Skateboarder.
Posted October 29th, 2010 by The All Seeing Whatever

Foundation Nick Merlino & Abdias Rivera

Nick and Abdias skated the TWS park and made the top 10. Check it

Posted October 29th, 2010 by Sinclair

Toy Machine EPIDEMIC Brainwash Premiere

Mini-Mega-Post from Palm Springs, CA.
Don't be dumb - Take Part in a Brain Wash GIVE-AWAY
Posted October 28th, 2010 by We didn't reach 50 comments you fags.

Pig Wheels Daniel Lutheran

Skateboarder just posted a few shots of Dan Lu. Daniel is currently on tour with Toy Machine, check the Toy site for updates on Daniel and the Toy Machine South West tour. 
72971dl_tiny.jpg 72972dl_tiny.jpg
Posted October 28th, 2010 by Sinclair

Dekline Nick Merlino

Nick is back in Jersey. Did you see this?

Posted October 27th, 2010 by Sinclair

Toy Machine B R A I N W A S H Premiere - MEGA-POST

See Sinclair's video mini-doc about the premiere over here <---------
7294img4849_tiny.JPG 7294img4832_tiny.JPG 7294mg4830_tiny.JPG 7294mg4838_tiny.JPG 7294img4836_tiny.JPG 7294mg4850_tiny.JPG 7294img4845_tiny.JPG 7294img4841_tiny.JPG 7294img4842_tiny.JPG 729419_tiny.JPG 7294img4864_tiny.JPG 72949_tiny.JPG 729443_tiny.JPG 729432_tiny.JPG 729440_tiny.JPG 729459_tiny.JPG 7294144_tiny.JPG 729433_tiny.JPG 729436_tiny.JPG 729460_tiny.JPG 7294141_tiny.JPG 729446_tiny.JPG 729454_tiny.JPG 729455_tiny.JPG 729456_tiny.JPG 729458_tiny.JPG 7294142_tiny.JPG 7294462_tiny.JPG 7294463_tiny.JPG 7294img4852_tiny.JPG 7294145_tiny.JPG 7294146_tiny.JPG 729424_tiny.JPG 72944_tiny.JPG 729429_tiny.JPG 729434_tiny.JPG 729441_tiny.JPG 729444_tiny.JPG 729447_tiny.JPG 729431_tiny.JPG 729438_tiny.JPG 729439_tiny.JPG 729449_tiny.JPG 729457_tiny.JPG 729494_tiny.JPG 729437_tiny.JPG 729453_tiny.JPG 72944856_tiny.JPG 72944857_tiny.JPG 72944860_tiny.JPG 72944859_tiny.JPG 72944861_tiny.JPG 729422_tiny.JPG 729423_tiny.JPG 729420_tiny.JPG 72944872_tiny.JPG 729450_tiny.JPG 729417_tiny.JPG 729427_tiny.JPG 729452_tiny.JPG 72944881_tiny.JPG 72944854_tiny.JPG 72944877_tiny.JPG 72944863_tiny.JPG 72944875_tiny.JPG 72944880_tiny.JPG 729430_tiny.JPG 7294767to3_tiny.JPG 72941_tiny.JPG 72943_tiny.JPG 72945_tiny.JPG 729445_tiny.JPG 729425_tiny.JPG 72947_tiny.JPG 72948_tiny.JPG 729414_tiny.JPG 729415_tiny.JPG 729426_tiny.JPG 729428_tiny.JPG 729448_tiny.JPG 729451_tiny.JPG 7294143_tiny.JPG 7294img4853_tiny.JPG 7294img4873_tiny.JPG 7294img4876_tiny.JPG 7294img4874_tiny.JPG 7294img4865_tiny.JPG 7294img4868_tiny.JPG 7294img4869_tiny.JPG 7294img4871_tiny.JPG 7294img4867_tiny.JPG 7294img4883_tiny.JPG 72942_tiny.JPG
The day started off innocent enough. We switched the marquee from "Monday Night Football" to "Toy Machine presents BRAIN WASH." That certainly made at least this stretch of PCH a lot better.
Posted October 27th, 2010 by Well that's a relief! - People liked it!

Pig Wheels Layton, Lutheran, Bennett, Taylor, Marks, Harmony & Trapasso

Have all been killing themselves for Toy Machine's latest video Brain Wash. Check out a Gallery of all of these Pig riders over at ESPN

Posted October 27th, 2010 by Sinclair

Dekline Matt Bennett interview

Matt gets quizzed over at ESPN

Posted October 25th, 2010 by Sinclair

Toy Machine B R A I N W A S H - P R E M I E R E

Nailed. Premiere Mega-Post coming soon, be patient---!!!!!!!!!
Rowley blogged about it already.
TWS was all up in there too!
Thrasher was there as well, check out Burnout! 

World Premiere October 26 - The Gaslamp - 6251 E PCH - Long Beach, CA
2 Loyal Pawn showings! - First showing 7:30pm - Second showing 8:30pm
1 V.I.P. Showing - 9:30
Be there or commit suicide because your'e blowing it.
Brain Wash Photo Gallery to peruse...
Posted October 25th, 2010 by The overlord of premiere riots.

Dekline Matt Bennett Brain Wash Teaser

Brain Wash World Premiere is tomorrow!
Posted October 25th, 2010 by Sinclair

Toy Machine Brain Wash Matt B Teaser

And see an interview with Matt B here!
Posted October 25th, 2010 by The Time Is Near, Get Out Your Parent's Wallets...

Foundation Damn Am Weekend part 2

Marquis was too sore to skate the semi finals today so he and Elijah sat back and watched the action. Elijah jumped in last minute and skated the best trick contest, look for footage to follow on the TWS, TSM and Thrasher sites.
72861d_tiny.jpg 72862d_tiny.jpg 72863d_tiny.jpg 72864d_tiny.jpg
Who dat?
Posted October 24th, 2010 by Sinclair

Foundation Damn Am Weekend

Damn Am is going on right now. Marquis made the cut today and is headed to the semi finals in the morning. Good times!
72851damn_tiny.jpg 72852damn_tiny.jpg 72853damn_tiny.jpg 72854damn_tiny.jpg 72855damn_tiny.jpg
Abdias stopped by and gave Marquis a well deserved Hi 5!
Posted October 23rd, 2010 by Sinclair

Toy Machine Brain Wash Teaser Collin

Place your vote for the Gear-4-a-year Finalists!
Posted October 22nd, 2010 by Now You Start Living It

Toy Machine Land of Enchantment

7282danlu5050mormon_tiny.jpg 7282mattbwallie_tiny.jpg 7282andrewboardslidebull_tiny.jpg 7282danlufsboard_tiny.jpg 7282fiesta_tiny.jpg 7282psyched_tiny.jpg 7282danlupromodel_tiny.jpg 7282mattbfiesta_tiny.jpg 7282darthballon_tiny.jpg
Dan Lu grinds rails on the way to breakfast.
Posted October 21st, 2010 by Ben Karpinski!

Pig Wheels Daniel Lutheran

Daniel has been working non stop to finish up filming for Brain Wash. 
Posted October 21st, 2010 by Sinclair

Pig Wheels Pig Cores!!!

ESPN just posted a nice piece on our new Pig cores. Get Some!

Posted October 20th, 2010 by Sinclair

Toy Machine We are done...

...You are just beginning.
And see the entire team on BRAINWASH TOUR 2010 in November <----------------------
Toy Machine's Leo and Ed on Burnout <------------

7273img4705_tiny.JPG 7273img4707_tiny.JPG 7273img4714_tiny.JPG 7273img4713_tiny.JPG 7273img4715_tiny.JPG 7273img4716_tiny.JPG 7273img4712_tiny.JPG 7273img4718_tiny.JPG 7273img4709_tiny.JPG 7273img4708_tiny.JPG 7273img4720_tiny.JPG 7273img4721_tiny.JPG 7273img4722_tiny.JPG 7273img4723_tiny.JPG 7273img4724_tiny.JPG
Kevin has nearly lost his mind, spending endless hours glued to a computer screen. (Only to see his efforts not benefit him or his company at all when it shows up on YouTube the day after the premiere.)
Posted October 19th, 2010 by Only 10 comments? I leave this up for a while then.

Foundation Corey Duffel

Corey is in Spain with the Osiris crew.
Corey puts on a one man demo in the streets of Spain
Posted October 18th, 2010 by sinclair

Foundation We're so advanced we don't even know what we are talking about!

Skateboard, shovel, handle, walking accessory?!?! All of the above! That's right!

Get yours today!


Posted October 18th, 2010 by swankzine

Tum Yeto Do Less extras

Halloween best trick and check out some Do Less Extras

Posted October 18th, 2010 by Sinclair

Toy Machine Brain Wash Dork Teaser

Get more info here <---------------------

Show up in a costume! Win prizes! Meet Toy pros and watch them shred!

The Brain-Wash Premiere is Mandatory.
Posted October 18th, 2010 by My Life Now, Your Life Later, But Soon...

Dekline Matt Bennett & Diego Bucchieri

Today was the last day of filming for Brain Wash. Matt and Diego took the night off to celebrate.
72671_tiny.JPG 72672_tiny.JPG

Posted October 18th, 2010 by Sinclair

Toy Machine Sharing Tattoos...

Loyal Pawns for life...
7266healed_tiny.JPG 7266tats_tiny.JPG
"My name is Arron Serrano got this Tattoo when I first turned 18 about a year ago im from Texas CIty, TX hope you like it and put it on the site."
Posted October 17th, 2010 by the crusty and decreoit

Toy Machine Final Edits for BRAIN-WASH

The video event of the rest of this year, and all of next year.
7265img4674_tiny.JPG 7265img4675_tiny.JPG 7265img4676_tiny.JPG 7265img4677_tiny.JPG 7265img4678_tiny.JPG 7265img4679_tiny.JPG 7265img4680_tiny.JPG 7265img4681_tiny.JPG 7265img4682_tiny.JPG 7265img4683_tiny.JPG 7265img4684_tiny.JPG 7265img4685_tiny.JPG 7265photo2_tiny.JPG 7265photo3_tiny.JPG
Kevin's brain has been washed for years, and now with little sleep and truckloads of stress, even good news is somehow bad news to him.
Posted October 15th, 2010 by You heard it here first, his brain is gone.

Foundation Abdias Rivera interview

ESPN just posted a interview of Abdias. Check it

Posted October 13th, 2010 by Sinclair

Toy Machine The Days are Hot and Heavy

Kevin is pulling all-nighters to get this beast finished.
7262img4619_tiny.JPG 7262img4622_tiny.JPG 7262img4624_tiny.JPG 7262img4625_tiny.JPG 7262img4627_tiny.JPG 7262img4648_tiny.JPG 7262img4650_tiny.JPG 7262img4652_tiny.JPG 7262img4653_tiny.JPG 7262img4658_tiny.JPG 7262img4659_tiny.JPG 7262img4660_tiny.JPG
The pixels are maxed in both the screens and the eyes.
Posted October 13th, 2010 by My eyes are zorched from computer screen overload

Dekline Clint Walker

 Dekline flow ripper Clint Walker has a tight intro video over at Ambiguous
Posted October 12th, 2010 by Sinclair

Foundation Marquis Preston / Day in the Life

Active followed Marquis Preston and the homies around. Check it.

Posted October 11th, 2010 by Sinclair

Foundation Nick Merlino

Nick sets up a fresh one for the weekend.

Posted October 9th, 2010 by Sinclair

Tum Yeto Brain Wash premiere

Hope to see everyone there!

Posted October 8th, 2010 by Sinclair

Dekline Brain Wash is coming!!!!!!

Diego is back in the Long Beach streets getting last minute footage for Brain Wash!

Posted October 8th, 2010 by Sinclair

Toy Machine Brain Wash Butcher Teaser

The 11th hour is at hand...   ...we are busy finishing this thing up!
7254videoflyersmall_tiny.jpg 7254img4623_tiny.JPG
World Premiere October 26 - The Gaslamp - 6251 E PCH - Long Beach, CA
2 showings! - First showing 8:30pm - Second showing 9:30pm
Be there or commit suicide because your'e blowing it.

Posted October 8th, 2010 by So Fucking Dead Right Now

Foundation Marquis Preston

72491f_tiny.jpg 72492_tiny.jpg 72493f_tiny.jpg
Marquis. Proper Front Shove
Posted October 8th, 2010 by Sinclair

Toy Machine The Necessary Tools

Ed's getting ready for Brain Wash, why don't you?
Posted October 7th, 2010 by Like a Surgeon With That Thing

Tum Yeto Pocket Cam / Episode 9

Featuring: Dan Murphy, Angel Ramierz, Marquis Preston, Johnny Layton, Abdias Rivera, Ryan Spencer, Nick Palmquist, Nick Merlino, Dakota Servold, Taylor Smith, Derek from Long Beach & Special guests: Garrett Hill, Aldrin Garcia, Chris Cole and Jake Duncombe

Posted October 7th, 2010 by Sinclair

Foundation F Crew

72481f_tiny.JPG 72482f_tiny.JPG 72483f_tiny.JPG 72484f_tiny.JPG
Taylor Smith, Marquis Preston and Elijah Berle killing it for the F.
Posted October 6th, 2010 by Sinclair

Pig Wheels Marquis Preston

Marquis came up on some Vans money last weekend.

Posted October 6th, 2010 by Sinclair

Foundation Sierra Fellers / King of the Road updates

Check Thrasher for all of the King of the Road updates. Sierra is holding up just fine.

Posted October 6th, 2010 by Sinclair

Toy Machine Marketing Meeting

Ed gets in your eyes the old fashioned way.  BRAIN WASH is coming... 
Posted October 6th, 2010 by Fuck a Web Banner

Foundation Good times at the Showdown

Footage from The Skateboard Mag's site
Nick Merlino and Marquis Preston moments after the contest this weekend. Good fucking times!
Posted October 5th, 2010 by SInclair

Toy Machine Leo Romero Brain Wash Teaser!

Posted October 5th, 2010 by This Guy Doesn't Give a Flying Fuck

Tum Yeto Meet Leo Romero & Marquis Preston

Leo and Marquis are currently on tour with the Emerica crew. If you live in the North East go meet Foundation rider Marquis Preston and Toy Machine Pro Leo Romero.

Posted October 3rd, 2010 by Sinclair

Toy Machine Dead Last!!!!!

Toy Machine gets dead last place in the Downtown Showdown. No wonder nobody buys us!
72341_tiny.JPG 72342_tiny.JPG 72343_tiny.JPG 72344_tiny.JPG 72345_tiny.jpg 72346_tiny.jpg 72347_tiny.jpg 72348_tiny.JPG 72349_tiny.jpg 723410_tiny.JPG 723411_tiny.JPG 723412_tiny.JPG 723413_tiny.JPG 723414_tiny.JPG 723415_tiny.JPG 723416_tiny.JPG 723417_tiny.JPG 723418_tiny.JPG 723419_tiny.JPG 723420_tiny.JPG 723421_tiny.JPG 723422_tiny.jpg 723423_tiny.JPG 723424_tiny.jpg 723425_tiny.jpg
Austin S. with world-famosa Frank Gerwer.
Posted October 3rd, 2010 by Of course I jest.

Dekline Nick Merlino update

Nick Merlino won best am at the Vans Showdown for the 2nd year in a row. Congratulations Nick!
72321nick_tiny.jpg 72322nick_tiny.JPG 72321merlino_tiny.jpg
nollie crook
Posted October 3rd, 2010 by Sinclair

Foundation Nick Merlino / Best Am / Vans Downtown Showdown

Congratulations to Nick Merlino for winning Best Am & The F'd up Stair Set today at the Vans Downtown Showdown. Click here for the full results.

Posted October 2nd, 2010 by Sinclair

Pig Wheels Jamie Tancowny

Baby Jamie is Pro! Check out his most recent interview over at the ESPN site.

Posted October 1st, 2010

Dekline Pat Burke and Nick Merlino

Pat and Nick met up for some good food and headed over to the TWS park this week.
72301dk_tiny.JPG 72302dk_tiny.jpg 72303dk_tiny.jpg
Met up for breakfast in Carlsbad
Posted October 1st, 2010 by Sinclair

Foundation The Showdown

The Vans Downtown Showdown is on. Check back for more updates on Sunday!
72291f_tiny.JPG 72292f_tiny.JPG 72293f_tiny.JPG
Nick Merlino and Lisa discuss all the options.
Posted October 1st, 2010 by Sinclair

Tum Yeto Gear 4 A Year & Toy Machine

Starting today skaters can upload/embed their videos for a chance to win Gear4aYear!
The winning rider will……
- Officially be put on the “flow” team of seven top skate brands for one full year including:
  GoPro, Toy Machine, DC, Quiksilver, Theeve, Bones, Dakine, and Armourdillo!
- Get their photo in The Skateboard Mag!
- Win a free week at Camp Woodward!
- Be entered into Tampa Am!

Also, everyday during Gear4aYear GoPro is giving away one free HD camera to their favorite video of the day. 
Even if you don't stand a chance at winning the contest, but have one good trick, slam, or just something unique you can win a camera!

For details on how to enter go to:

Posted October 1st, 2010 by Sinclair

Toy Machine Brain Wash Teaser #2

Billy brings it in his very own teaser for the more-than-a-promo; Brain Wash.
Do you want Gear for a Year????
Posted October 1st, 2010 by Friend Of My Dad