News From September 2009

Pig Wheels Josh Harmony update

Harmony is on tour with RVCA and friends. If you live in the southwest you don't want to miss this.

Posted September 30th, 2009 by Sinclair

Tum Yeto RVCA tour

If you are in the soutwest you don't want to miss this.

Posted September 30th, 2009 by Sinclair

Dekline Nick Merlino Update

Nick is still celebrating after his big win on Saturday

Posted September 30th, 2009 by Sinclair

Foundation Abdias Update

Abdias stops by San Pedro for a quick session
61151abdias_tiny.JPG 61152abdias_tiny.JPG

Posted September 30th, 2009 by Sinclair

Toy Machine Meet a Loyal Pawn #2

Josiah Herrera made a sweet fan video.
Posted September 30th, 2009 by Thanks for the dedication!

Pig Wheels Years Best Am

Vote for Marquis Preston and Jamie Tancowny for "Years Best Am" over at The Skateboard Mag

Posted September 30th, 2009 by Sinclair

Foundation Duffel & TWS in Chicago

Check out photos of Duffel's recent trip out to Chicago right here.

Posted September 30th, 2009 by Sinclair

Toy Machine More Showdown Bro-Down

6110jlaytweak_tiny.jpg 6110nicktfsflip_tiny.jpg 6110edtnerica_tiny.jpg 6110charms_tiny.jpg 6110jlaytuckin_tiny.jpg 6110awardtime1_tiny.jpg 6110nicktcheck1_tiny.jpg 61103336billymarkandfami_tiny.jpg
JLay got all tweaked out.
Posted September 30th, 2009 by Shin Shot These Bro

Toy Machine Cheapskates Khyber Pass, Auckland, New Zealand

Owned by Ginge Madgwick...
Shop in NZ does a toy window display! Thanks!
Posted September 30th, 2009

Pig Wheels Nuge sighting

 Bumped into The Nuge out in Long Beach today
Posted September 29th, 2009 by Sinclair

Dekline Colin Commito footage

Dekline flow rider Colin Commito has a new hardware sponsor and a great intro video. Peep It!

Posted September 29th, 2009 by Sinclair

Dekline Nick Merlino

Congratulation to Nick Merlino for winning Best AM at this years Vans Showdown.

Photo by:


Posted September 28th, 2009 by Sinclair

Dekline Dekline on Hypebeast

More hype on the Wu-Tang Dekline collab on the infamous Hypebeast. Get hyped!
Posted September 28th, 2009 by swankzine

Toy Machine Get Your Fill of Bill

Today we celebrate the birth of the one and only, Billy Marks.  Have a happy one, bro.
Billy's experiencing a popularity surge lately.  Must be due to all this stuff;
Battle Commander
Berrics Board

He killed the Showdown.  More on that tomorrow.  
Posted September 28th, 2009 by Friend Of Your Dad's

Toy Machine Downtown Showdown Competition Wrap-Up

I would say it was a good day. (I didn't have to use my AK) Good times were had.
61006tm1_tiny.JPG 61007tm_tiny.JPG 61001tm_tiny.JPG 61002tm_tiny.JPG 61002tm1_tiny.JPG 61003tm_tiny.JPG 61003tm1_tiny.JPG 61004tm_tiny.JPG 61005tm_tiny.JPG 61006tm_tiny.JPG 610010tm_tiny.JPG 610011tm_tiny.JPG 610012tm_tiny.JPG 610014tm_tiny.JPG 610015tm_tiny.JPG 610016tm_tiny.JPG 610018tm_tiny.JPG 610017tm_tiny.JPG 610019tm_tiny.JPG 610020tm_tiny.JPG 610022tm_tiny.JPG 610023tm_tiny.JPG 610026tm_tiny.JPG 610027tm_tiny.JPG 610028tm_tiny.JPG 610029tm_tiny.JPG 610024tm_tiny.JPG
Get to the place early to warm-up, no crowds, no screaming fans or hangers-on, just pure street ("street" as in studio lot fake street where movies are made) + obstacles + JLAY = ripping.
Posted September 28th, 2009 by Some people might say we got a smidge jipped. But not me.

Foundation Foundation Wins Vans Downtown Showdown

Congratulations to everyone who skated in the Vans Showdown tonight. Big thanks to Angel Ramierz, Nick Merlino, Abdias Rivera, Alex Gourodorous and Elijah Berle who all killed it for Foundation.
60991fs_tiny.JPG 60991_tiny.JPG 60993fs_tiny.JPG 60994fs_tiny.JPG 60995fs_tiny.JPG 60996fs_tiny.JPG 60997fs_tiny.JPG
1st Foundation, 2nd Blind, 3rd Toy Machine
Posted September 27th, 2009 by Sinclair

Toy Machine Billy Marks Battle-Commander

Over at the Berrics. See it, live it, whip it, go out and do it.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Watch it at the Berrics <<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> and this Billy Video Drone too <<<

Get the special limited edition deck too, don't blow it.
Posted September 26th, 2009 by dude is always blowing my mind, and other stuff.

Pig Wheels Nick Trapasso

Skateboarder magazine just posted a photo of Nick skating in Long Beach.

Posted September 25th, 2009 by Sinclair

Foundation Vans Downtown Showdown Day 1

60961fs_tiny.JPG 60962fs_tiny.JPG 60963fs_tiny.JPG 60964fs_tiny.JPG
Foundation flow rider Elijah Berle steps up and will be shredding for the F this weekend.
Posted September 25th, 2009 by Sinclair

Foundation Foundation Battle Strikers?!?!

So this new toy is taking the world by storm. Battle Strikers. I'm not sure how they ended up with our gear but one of the lead dudes is sporting a Foundation hoodie and another kid is reping a star and moon cap. I'm always the last one to know!? It's been playing on kid channels repeatedly. That's how we do it here at the F. We start em early and pound it into the brains of kids. Buy Foundation, buy Foundation, buy Foundation!!!

See the commercial here.
6094battelstrickers3_tiny.jpg 6094battlestrickers2_tiny.jpg 6094battlestrikers1_tiny.jpg
Check the kids hoodie.
Posted September 25th, 2009 by swankzine

Toy Machine Austin's Weekly Video Pick Vol. 11

Dan Drehobl from the little-seen legend, Think's Damage.
Also in little-seen legend news, Billy is getting a Battle Commander!

Posted September 25th, 2009 by L. Ron Hubbard Has His Talons In Bill

Dekline Dekline on is on point!

Check it. Click here, now, no now, no now!


Posted September 25th, 2009 by swankzine

Pig Wheels Billy Marks Battle Commander

 Peep this
 Wack....check back tomorrow
Posted September 25th, 2009 by Sinclair

Foundation Angel, Abdias & Nick

Will be competing at the Vans Downtown Showdown this weekend. Tune into Fuel TV for a live webcast.
60891_tiny.JPG 60892_tiny.JPG
Getting hyped about the Showdown
Posted September 24th, 2009 by Sinclair

Dekline Jason Adams art for sale

Check out some rad art work for sale from Jason Adams

Posted September 24th, 2009 by SInclair

Toy Machine Some Footy to Watch and Enlighten your Day

Nick Trapasso Thunder Commercial---!!!!

And On Ed's Blog we get some old photos from a toy demo 'back in the day.'

>>>>>This friday at the Berrics...
Posted September 24th, 2009 by Dude RIPS, like, Fully.

Pig Wheels Nick Trapasso footage

 Check out this short clip of Nick and find out what Thunders he likes the best. 
Posted September 24th, 2009 by sinclair

Foundation David Reyes footage

Peep some footage of David on the Circa site

Posted September 23rd, 2009 by Sinclair

Tum Yeto Vans Downtown Showdown

Foundation and Toy Machine will be competing in the Vans Downtown Showdown this weekend. Click here to watch it online thanks to Fuel TV.

Posted September 23rd, 2009 by Sinclair

Dekline Nick Merlino Free Lunch

Click here for a free lunch with Nick Merlino.


Posted September 23rd, 2009 by Sinclair

Foundation Nick Merlino Free Lunch

Have a Free Lunch with Nick Merlino. Thanks to Shred or Die

Posted September 23rd, 2009 by Sinclair

Pig Wheels Billy Marks

This Friday
Posted September 22nd, 2009 by Sinclair

Toy Machine A love affair with Leo and Los Angeles

The streets are his, - ours, and always have been created just for us.
60781_tiny.JPG 60782_tiny.JPG 60784_tiny.JPG 60785_tiny.JPG 60787_tiny.JPG 60788_tiny.JPG 60789_tiny.JPG 607810_tiny.JPG 607811_tiny.JPG 607812_tiny.JPG 607813_tiny.JPG 607814_tiny.JPG 60786_tiny.JPG
Good morning cruel world, time to clock in for work, sharpen my tools, and get busy.
(This Friday some serious video is going down...)
Posted September 22nd, 2009 by Kevin Barnett, Bacon, Footloose, Bacon takes good.

Foundation Dustin Underground Skates, AZ Rip it up!

We saw the Underground Board Factory from Apache Junction, Az posse at the retailer tradeshow, Crossroads. James from TY hooked Underground staffer, Dustin Cutlip, up with a Foundation Flare Logo Deck and Dustin proceeded to kill it on board.

Thanks Dustin and Underground for backing the Foundation posse and gear!

Keep on rolling.

6077dustincutlipindy_tiny.jpg 6077dustincutlipbacktail_tiny.jpg 6077dustinfrontsmith_tiny.jpg 6077ubf_tiny.gif
Dustin extremely large frontside blaster over channel on the Foundation Flare team deck.
Posted September 22nd, 2009 by swankzine

Tum Yeto The Armory

 Check out our buddy Dave Ashley's new shop "The Armory"  in Costa Mesa, Ca. 
Posted September 22nd, 2009 by Sinclair

Foundation Sierra interview

 CCS just posted a short interview with Sierra. Check it right here. 
Posted September 22nd, 2009 by Sinclair

Foundation Gear 4 A Year Winner!!!

 Congratulations to Mike Thompson for winning Shred or Die's first annual Gear 4 A Year contest. Check his footage right here. 
Posted September 21st, 2009 by Sinclair

Toy Machine Back to School

6071mattnoseslideuscmill_tiny.jpg 6071hyphyuci_tiny.jpg 6071mattbuci_tiny.jpg 6071ucigirl_tiny.jpg 6071jareduci_tiny.jpg 6071grantuci_tiny.jpg
Matt communicated via noseslide on campus this weekend. 
Posted September 21st, 2009 by Thornton Melon Thanks Shin For Photo Help

Foundation Welcome to the HQ!

I thought I would give you scumbags out there a photo tour of the TYHQ. No? That's lame? Ok forget it. I won't do it. No I will do it. I have nothing better to do. Hell it's Friday. Let's whoop it up. We'll start with the entry way.

6069r0055828_tiny.JPG 6069r0055830_tiny.JPG 6069r0055831_tiny.JPG 6069r0055832_tiny.JPG 6069r0055833_tiny.JPG 6069r0055834_tiny.JPG 6069r0055835_tiny.JPG
We are located in San Diego, CA. No really SD Proper. None of this North County action. A mere blocks from downtown SD in Barrio Logan area. It was formerly bad neighbor and is still rough around the edges but that's what makes it so cool. We have been in this location for 11 years. It's a neighborhood, not a industrial park. TY staff posse all live in surrounding neighborhoods.

Anyways, I could blab on. This is teh front door. Kids grind the steps and tag the building. I yell at them all the time for fun. Damn skateboarders.
Posted September 18th, 2009 by swankzine

Foundation Angel sequence

 Peep it over at the Thrasher site
Posted September 18th, 2009 by Sinclair

Toy Machine Austin's Weekly Video Pick Vol. 10

Lance Mountain gets eclectic in Powell-Peralta's classic, Propaganda.
Posted September 18th, 2009 by Stacy Says Modern Skate Vids Are Porn

Dekline WTF!?! Wu-Tang/Dekline Collab!

Our friends at Rival Skateshop in NYC, Jay and crew hooked up with Power Wu-Tang to do a limited collab shoe with Dekline. It has just hit the USA and should be for sale any day now at select shops.

Color way is Killa Beez, Black and Yellow.

Get on it slacker!
6065r0055148_tiny.JPG 6065r0055793_tiny.JPG 6065r0055819_tiny.JPG 6065r0055822_tiny.JPG 6065r0055825_tiny.JPG 6065r0055816_tiny.JPG 6065r0055818_tiny.JPG 6065r0055812_tiny.JPG
Tod Swank, Power, Kevin Furtado and Jay. Collab meeting at Rival NYC.
Posted September 17th, 2009 by swankzine

Tum Yeto Tum Yeto parking lot

 a small glimpse of the parking lot at the Flip premiere last night in Anaheim. Good times.
Posted September 17th, 2009 by Sinclair

Foundation Foundation "Noncave" (TM) out now!

That's right. We are so advance we don't even know what we are talking about.

Foundation introduces "Noncave". A perfectly flat deck. How about that?!? What will we think of next?

6062r0055796_tiny.JPG 6062r0055797_tiny.JPG 6062r0055798_tiny.JPG 6062advanced_tiny.gif

Posted September 17th, 2009 by swankzine

Toy Machine Diego the Butcher goes on a road trip...

In Spain with his bro Roberto Alleman.

Just crusing around having fun, skating, driving, killing people.
Set to "Get your kicks on Route 66" in Spanish!
60612tm_tiny.JPG 60615tm_tiny.JPG 60616tm_tiny.JPG 60614tm_tiny.JPG 60618tm_tiny.JPG
Here is Billy from our Skatepark roundup with Thrasher, stay tuned for it!
Even the President thinks Kanye's a jackass!
Posted September 17th, 2009 by Scope it out brother

Dekline Diego Bucchieri

 Check out a little video Diego posted on YouTube from his recent journey through Spain with homie Roberto
Posted September 17th, 2009 by Sinclair

Foundation Rolling Thunder!

This is the OG set up that was on the cover of Rolling Thunder video and appeared in the opening segment with a barefoot Matt Barker, Tum Yeto Director of Affairs, bombing a hill. I still have that deck after all these years. Sweet!

Video was released 1995 and featured Josh Beagle, Steve Berra, Heath Kirchart, Paul Sharpe, Steve Olson, Frank Hirata with appearances from Ed Templeton, Jamie Thomas, Chad Muska, Satva Leung and Donny Barley. Epic!

Video is still available included in Keep On Rolling - The Foundation Testament.

See the trailer at

But it here or at better skateshops worldwide

WTF!?! This summer, June 2009 is Foundation Skateboards 20 year since inception. Raising Hell!  It's hard to believe. I will be posting tidbits from the past on the new F site over the next few months.  I have been totally lagging. I don't know how you people do it everyday.

Thanks to all teamriders, employees, customers and fans, past and present. You made Foundation!!!

Keep on rolling.

Oh yea. We are doing a zine to go in with decks. Send your pictures, drawings and  crap to Rolling Thunder C/O Tum Yeto 2001 Commercial ST SD CA 92113 USA

6059r0055805_tiny.JPG 6059r0055806_tiny.JPG 6059r0055807_tiny.JPG 6059r0055810_tiny.JPG
Posted September 16th, 2009 by swankzine

Pig Wheels Sean Conover

Pig flow rider Sean Conover has a short interview over at Exit Real Word
Posted September 16th, 2009 by Sinclair

Foundation What's Next / Nick Merlino

 Check out what's next from Nick Merlino
Posted September 16th, 2009 by Sinclair

Tum Yeto Industrial posse at TYHQ

Here we have Dekline Czar, Kevin Furtado, TY Sales honcho James X Herralt with Road Rep, Dave Ridgeway and Tony and Casey from Industrial in Arizona at the TYHQ. SD proper. Thanks for coming by.

P: Swank
Posted September 16th, 2009 by swankzine

Dekline Jason Adams interview

See what the kid is up too right here.
Posted September 16th, 2009 by Sinclair

Toy Machine Some Photos from the Archive

I think these have not been posted before, I forget.
60520314maldonadoeatsfoo_tiny.jpg 60520322photoofme1999_tiny.jpg 60520327luceroandupson_tiny.jpg 60520405proof32josh30bb8_tiny.jpg 60523031diegowithkidsstp_tiny.jpg 6052book2629mattnorcohik_tiny.jpg
Mike Maldonado form an old Toy tour.
Posted September 16th, 2009 by Kevin will be back today

Foundation Duffel Ambigious

Check out some recent Duffel footage from his recent travel with the Ambigious team.
Posted September 16th, 2009 by Sinclair

Dekline Gareth Stehr @ The Berrics

Check out Gareth and his bag of salad grinds over at The Berrics
Posted September 15th, 2009 by Sinclair

Foundation Sacto Tilt Pool 1986

Friend and epic photographer, Grant Brittan, just booted this ancient pic over to me. Sacramento Tilt pool, 1986. I was 20 years old and riding for Sims.

Thanks GB.
Sims, Gullwing, Tharasher, STP. rails, copers, pegged pants, Vans, bleached hair, one footer tail tap. P: J.Grant Brittain
Posted September 15th, 2009 by swankzine

Toy Machine Photo-Dump #2

Weeding out some photos from my computer via-the website.
60472_tiny.JPG 604773_tiny.JPG 6047101_tiny.JPG 604725_tiny.JPG 60475475_tiny.JPG 6047jlaywward2_tiny.jpg 6047edsigningmybook_tiny.jpg 6047cnv00052_tiny.JPG
We said Photo dump Burnett-! Not a real, #2 style dump...
Posted September 15th, 2009 by End of Summer cleaning of the bowels

Dekline Cesar Fernandez footage

Check out Dekline flow rider Cesar Fernandez 
Posted September 14th, 2009 by Sinclair

Foundation Sunday in the streets

Nick Merlino and flow rider Elijah Berle were in San Diego this weekend. Here are a few photos from today.
60441_tiny.JPG 60442_tiny.JPG 60443_tiny.JPG 60444_tiny.JPG 60445_tiny.JPG 60446_tiny.JPG 60447_tiny.JPG
Met up with Ed Dominick at the first spot
Posted September 13th, 2009 by Sinclair

Dekline Nick and Jordan

Checked out the water gap with Burnett the other day.
60431_tiny.JPG 60432_tiny.JPG 60433_tiny.JPG 60434_tiny.JPG
Jordan showed up with the ladder
Posted September 13th, 2009 by SInclair

Toy Machine Photo Clearing House

It's Sunday so here is a photo dump of random stuff that didn't make it onto the website and is now too old to make it on. Perhaps it will be the first of a series called "Photo Dump" This one will be - Photo Dump #1 - A look at the crap that ends up on my computer.
6041117_tiny.JPG 60419toy_tiny.JPG 60414bill_tiny.JPG 6041111_tiny.JPG 604114_tiny.JPG 604116ww07_tiny.jpg 604123_tiny.JPG 6041dsc08183_tiny.JPG 6041edanddoggy_tiny.jpg 6041ghosts_tiny.jpg 6041img01233_tiny.JPG 6041kevinpimpinphoto_tiny.jpg 6041medjohnnyleintail_tiny.jpg
Jamie Thomas shoots Billy Marks in the head.
Classic case of wishful thinking on Jamie's part.
RIP Patrick Swayze...
Posted September 13th, 2009 by Ed the photo detritus collector.

Toy Machine Face-Time with Josh Harmony

Today we have a special Joshua Harmony post for you.
6039joshfsollie_tiny.jpg 6039josh_tiny.jpg 6039josh50_tiny.jpg 60391739joshreflectinpud_tiny.jpg 60391733joshsitsspain_tiny.jpg 6039joshonthestreets_tiny.jpg
ESPN did a profile on Josh Harmony that you may be interested in reading.<<<
Posted September 11th, 2009 by Hosana

Dekline Nick Merlino intro video

 Peep it right here
Posted September 11th, 2009 by Sinclair

Foundation Crossroads Photo Expose

Crossroads is the premier west coast skate only trade show hosted by Black Box. It was kkkkiiiiillllleeeeerrrrr! LoFi, security free, no one runnning around telling you what you can or can't do. No stinking badges.

I get anxiety at events like these. I don't know why, I just do. So I lurk in our booth sneaking out to say hola to friends and customers. And I take pics. Here ya go freaks! Crossroads 9/9/09!
6035r0055737_tiny.JPG 6035r0055730_tiny.JPG 6035r0055732_tiny.JPG 6035r0055734_tiny.JPG 6035r0055733_tiny.JPG 6035r0055736_tiny.JPG 6035r0055739_tiny.JPG 6035r0055740_tiny.JPG 6035r0055742_tiny.JPG 6035r0055741_tiny.JPG 6035r0055743_tiny.JPG 6035r0055746_tiny.JPG 6035r0055745_tiny.JPG 6035r0055753_tiny.JPG 6035r0055750_tiny.JPG 6035r0055754_tiny.JPG 6035r0055756_tiny.JPG 6035r0055755_tiny.JPG 6035r0055751_tiny.JPG 6035r0055759_tiny.JPG 6035r0055757_tiny.JPG 6035r0055761_tiny.JPG 6035r0055762_tiny.JPG 6035r0055764_tiny.JPG 6035r0055766_tiny.JPG 6035r0055769_tiny.JPG 6035r0055770_tiny.JPG 6035r0055773_tiny.JPG 6035r0055774_tiny.JPG 6035r0055782_tiny.JPG 6035r0055777_tiny.JPG
Das Booths, Das Booths.
Posted September 10th, 2009 by swankzine

Toy Machine Crossroads Report From the Front Lines

Skateboarding has a new network that does not involve "The Trade Show"
60341_tiny.JPG 60342_tiny.JPG 60343_tiny.JPG 60344_tiny.JPG 60345_tiny.JPG 60346_tiny.JPG 60347_tiny.JPG 60349_tiny.JPG 603410_tiny.JPG 603411_tiny.JPG 603413_tiny.JPG 603414_tiny.JPG 603415_tiny.JPG 603416_tiny.JPG 603417_tiny.JPG 603418_tiny.JPG 603419_tiny.JPG 603420_tiny.JPG 603421_tiny.JPG 603422_tiny.JPG 6034woodwardvideodrone_tiny.jpg
The Crossroads, a grass-roots "trade show" that is free and open to all. Look at Bob with his Smiths shirt on.
Posted September 10th, 2009 by Boulder, CO watch your back.

Dekline Crossroads

 The Crossroads Trade Show took place at Black Box Distribution this week. Here are a few photos of some of the guys that stopped by our booth. See you next year! 
60331cr_tiny.JPG 60332cr_tiny.JPG 60333cr_tiny.JPG 60334cr_tiny.JPG 60335cr_tiny.JPG 60336cr_tiny.JPG 60337cr_tiny.JPG
 A overview of the Crossroads Tradeshow
Posted September 10th, 2009 by Sinclair

Foundation Abdias Rivera interview

Check out a short interview with Abdias. Thanks to Eric Wall from Exit Real World.
Posted September 10th, 2009 by Sinclair

Toy Machine Cute Kittens!

Kevin skipped town on some family business, so I offer you this...
A photo Arto Saari took of me with one of his cute little kittens. Enjoy for the day.
>>>>>Josh Harmony's music.
Posted September 9th, 2009 by well isn't that special?

Foundation Crossroads Day 1

60291_tiny.JPG 60292_tiny.JPG 60293_tiny.JPG 60294_tiny.JPG 60295_tiny.JPG
Picked up Nick Merlino at the airport and headed up to Carlsbad for the Crossroads show
Posted September 8th, 2009 by Sinclair

Toy Machine Leo Broods, Austin Skids Backside and Randomness

6026leosskg_tiny.jpg 6026leotree_tiny.jpg 6026austinbstsbigbank_tiny.jpg 6026grantmelonriver_tiny.jpg
Leo got switch bad ass in a wasteland.
Posted September 8th, 2009 by Shin Is On A Photo Mission

Foundation Duffel update

60251duffelswheel_tiny.JPG 60252duffel_tiny.JPG 60253duffel_tiny.JPG 60254duffel_tiny.JPG 60255duffel_tiny.JPG
Corey warmed up in the streets of Oakland
Posted September 7th, 2009 by SInclair

Toy Machine Some Satisfying Shots Supplied by Shin

From Woodward West for your Labor Day website lurkage.
6023kbwward5_tiny.jpg 6023logwward2_tiny.jpg 6023dlwward_tiny.jpg 6023auswward3_tiny.jpg 6023carfresh_tiny.jpg 6023ghwward_tiny.jpg 6023hum3wward_tiny.jpg 6023humwward_tiny.jpg 6023humwward2_tiny.jpg 6023jhwward_tiny.jpg 6023jhwward2_tiny.jpg 6023jlaywward_tiny.jpg 6023kbwward8_tiny.jpg
A blue block of toxic foam with the word VAGINA nibbled into it by a rabid chipmunk, or more likely a child camper who will never touch anything close to what he dreams about.
Posted September 7th, 2009 by Well its a holiday and Kevin is gone so...

Toy Machine Austin Stephens' Weekly Video Pick

The Gonz...

From "Kicked out of Everywhere"

>>>Get Josh Harmony's newest music on iTunes~!!!
---------New Question on the Events page-----------------
>>> Meat+America=? >>>Cool Hat...
Posted September 4th, 2009 by Austin, of course, thats why its called Austin video pick.

Foundation Duffel update

60181fri_tiny.JPG 60182fri_tiny.JPG 60183fri_tiny.JPG 60184fri_tiny.JPG
Stopped by Metro real quick
Posted September 4th, 2009 by Sinclair

Foundation Death Beat

Check out Death Beat,  Corey's side project with girlfriend Rachel. Get yourself some gear and the Duffman will screen it himself or Rachel will screen it if Corey is broke off.

Posted September 3rd, 2009 by Sinclair

Toy Machine JLay and Grif Go Gappin'

And Josh Harmony is on iTunes!
6014jlayollecherry_tiny.jpg 6014jlayboardsetup_tiny.jpg 6014jlaybubbleattempt_tiny.jpg 6014jlaygritlight_tiny.jpg 6014jlaygritsuck_tiny.jpg 6014jlaycrewcheck_tiny.jpg 6014bradfordandgreg_tiny.jpg 6014daveponders_tiny.jpg 6014jujuallgrowsup_tiny.jpg 6014ausitnandmattlament_tiny.jpg 6014jlaytreelittlegirl_tiny.jpg 6014griftoastcherry_tiny.jpg 6014grifhipperpocket_tiny.jpg
Johnny came over to Cherry Park to get his gnar on.
Posted September 3rd, 2009 by The Rivets In You Levi's

Toy Machine Double Exposure

6013mbpedro_tiny.jpg 6013dlu1_tiny.jpg
Matt pulls a back board just for shits and gigs.
Posted September 2nd, 2009 by Photos By Mr Ishikawa

Toy Machine Diego Goes Fishing

6010diegobadbskf_tiny.jpg 6010diegodisaapearingboa_tiny.jpg 6010diegoriverreac_tiny.jpg 6010diegofishing_tiny.jpg 6010diegocatch_tiny.jpg 6010diegowhatnow_tiny.jpg 6010diegochannelnutgrab_tiny.jpg 6010diegowetboardthrow_tiny.jpg
Diego went over to the Vinalopo River to backside flip it.  Messed one up.
Posted September 1st, 2009 by Dyin' Ain't Much Of A Livin' Boy