News From May 2008

Foundation team photo shoot

Image Description Here Image Description Here Image Description Here Image Description Here Bart was over shooting photos of the team so we opted for the Mall photo booth to shoot our next ad. Stay tuned... While you're waiting you could check out the Active signing photos.
Posted May 30th, 2008

Toy Machine Seriously Secret

Image Description Here Again, I don't know where they went, but those Fallen dudes sure can party. Image Description Here This guy knows.
Posted May 30th, 2008 by I'm Clueless With Anything But the Mall

Dekline The Zarosh Project

The Zarosh Project is under way out in the cuts of Carmel, Ca. Zarosh is currently building on his Dad’s land and Dekline will be updating you on The Zarosh project as it develops. 

Zarosh fs grind_tiny.JPG pose_tiny.JPG help arrives_tiny.JPG fresh cement_tiny.JPG shovel2_tiny.JPG Shovel_tiny.JPG Dump Truck_tiny.JPG
Zarosh fs grind.JPG
Frontside Grind
Posted May 29th, 2008 by Sinclair

Toy Machine The Masterpiece of Nature

Image Description Here Austin got to leaping. Image Description Here And hanging with Mr. B and Flobots. Image Description Here Breakdown of the crew: Austin, Matt, Grant, Rob, Dakota, BH, Anthony, and of course Grif.
Posted May 28th, 2008 by Ralph's Reckoning

Foundation blasting ollies

Image Description Here Gareth ollies in AZ and Sierra wants you all to know they updated the Calumonn site.
Posted May 28th, 2008

Toy Machine Post Memorial Blues

Image Description Here With lots of guys out of town, I've been conducting missions with Flobots like Grant and Rob. Image Description Here Image Description Here
Posted May 27th, 2008 by Birthdays Unbound

Foundation Built To Shred - Foundation Warehouse

The Built To Shred guys came out last summer during tradeshow to build some obstacles inside the shipping area. Some Foundation guys and some friends were in town to skate it. Check it out.
Posted May 27th, 2008

Pig Wheels Pig Wheels team update

Image Description Here Image Description Here Pros: Corey Duffel recently got back from the Equator with Osiris. Following that he did a signing with the Foundation guys at Active. Jason Adams is busy filming for the "God Save the Label" Black Label video and touring with Dekline. Gareth is what I like to call him. Judging from the lack of updates on his website I'm gonna have to say that is has something to do with this. Louie Barletta just finished a Transworld interview that can be seen in one of the previous issues. To keep up to date with all Louies shenanigans check out the Enjoi website. Patrick Melcher also just got back from a Dekline trip with Skateboard Mag photographer Rodent and other Pig Wheel riders Matt Ball, Gareth Stehr, and Jason Adams. Melcher can also be seen lurking over at the Veece website or his personal website. Nuge has some footage posted over at the Circa Combat site that features some skating and some nonsense. Both a good watch though. Richie Jackson is busy at work finishing up his first ever Transworld video part. Set to premiere at the 10th annual Transworld Skateboarding awards. It's gonna be good. Matt Ball had recently suffered a injury on the Dekline tour he was on. He will be having surgery on his leg coming up in a couple weeks. Jeremy Reeves has been hard at work filming for the City video. Heres a look at his new Venture. Coming in hot! Neil Heddings has a board out on Creature now. And has been seen ripping Washington Street park on the regular. Look for his signature Pig Wheel to follow shortly... Ragdoll was seen last week at the Ambiguous signing they did for Active. Since he was recently added to the Crimson lineup expect tons of coverage from the Vegas ripper. Ams: Adrian Mallory has been busy traveling around with Creature. His latest travels landed him in Japan for a couple weeks. Abdias Rivera was seen at the Foundation Active signing last weekend. Before that he was out in his local hometown Tampa, FL wrapping up a FTK interview. Dyson Ramones is living back and forth from Hawaii and Long Beach. Filming for the new Hurley video. John Lupfer is hard at work in LA. Working on a Skateboarder interview with Ezekiel TM Mikendo. Check out the Blog for more updates.
Posted May 26th, 2008

Toy Machine Matt B Reports

Image Description Here Josh keeps the doctor away while on that secret Fallen mission. I wish I could tell you where. Image Description Here Image Description Here Matt gave us some hints here. Hooking up the dogs. Watch Logan Kincade #8
Posted May 26th, 2008 by Bennett Laughs At Cartier Bresson

Toy Machine American Ninja Part 8

Image Description Here Austin went to a spot the other day just to practice his ninja jumps. He's getting pretty good. Watch Logan Kincade #8
Posted May 25th, 2008 by Let the Frame Grab Complaints Begin

Foundation Active Signing 2 - Chino Hills

Image Description Here Off to the second signing. Full of a lot of the same things. Image Description Here Ready we go again. Ready, set... Image Description Here Go. Image Description Here Gareth was busy putting in work on his drawing. Image Description Here Thats somewhat of a different look but shit I back it. Image Description Here Nuge thought it would be a good idea to make sure every kid got 2 posters each so everyone had to sign twice as much. Thanks Nuge! 40 ciggerettes, 10 sodas, starbucks, discussions with the local law enforcement, trips to Albertsons, skating curbs, and it was a wrap. Note all the fans we saw on the way out... Image Description Here This juggling unicycler made it out to the signing. Hell yeah. Now thats some diversity. We're covering the unicycle market. My job is done... Image Description Here Thanks to the In N Out truck for supplying free burgers for the signing. Image Description Here Thanks to Hanson for showing up also...that was unexpected. Image Description Here Then it just got weird. A couple stilters showed up for the signing. That was almost as unexpected as Hanson. Shit. We were killing it needless to say. Image Description Here J roys dog was trying to jump into the fountain. That's fine by us. Because we are heading home anyways. Signing is a wrap. Heres my Thank you section of the blog I just invented. Thanks to Active, thanks to Active Erica, thanks to proffessional stilting, thanks to mmm bop, thanks to Juggling unicyclers that made fun of us for having skateboards, thanks to In N Out, thanks to 2 Pac for supplying my blogging music of choice, thanks to the word thanks because I couldnt imagine thanks being called anything else.
Posted May 25th, 2008

Foundation Active Signing 1 - Temecula

Image Description Here Foundation had a signing at Active Temecula today. Image Description Here All the bros made it out. Corey, Nuge, Gareth, Abdias, Alex, Sean, and special guest Justin Roy. Image Description Here Ok lets go check out the scene. Image Description Here The devoted line of fans... Image Description Here Ready, Set... Image Description Here Go! Image Description Here Image Description Here The youngsters were making this look difficult... Image Description Here The pros were used to it... Image Description Here Abdias looking serious... Image Description Here Its a wrap Nuge... off to the next signing... Image Description Here On the way out I saw the octopus of skateboarding...putting in work.
Posted May 25th, 2008

Toy Machine I Could Get Killed For Telling This

Image Description Here Sock team rider Slash gets miniature on a super secret mission for these guys. Image Description Here We have him test the new super cushion Toy Machine Sect Socks by leaping from buildings... Image Description Here ...but this damned truck got in his way. Photos by the star of this.
Posted May 23rd, 2008 by You Could Get Killed Walking Your Doggie

Foundation Active Signing Tomorrow!

Image Description Here Hope to see you all there.
Posted May 23rd, 2008

Toy Machine Blood Brothers (and Sisters)

Image Description Here Austin was back in Pedro earlier this week. He made some friends. Image Description Here Image Description Here Image Description Here This little guy was busy busting for the new one of these.
Posted May 22nd, 2008 by Spit Brother

Foundation ditchin' with the bros

Image Description Here Image Description Here Image Description Here Image Description Here Gareth going up. Image Description Here Abdias going up. Image Description Here flow bro Alex going upish...
Posted May 22nd, 2008

Foundation it's blood from a cats face

Image Description Here I'm almost 100% positive that Angel will appreciate this link.
Posted May 21st, 2008

Toy Machine Collins Is Dead...

Image Description Here ...long live Kincaide.
Posted May 21st, 2008 by Rory Bathgate, Stratist

Dekline Get Creepy with Jason Adams

Check out this footage of Jason Adams on

Adams thumbnail
Posted May 20th, 2008 by Sinclair


Image Description Here Remember the Seg-Way post a week or so ago? Feast on the supple fruit of LK7.
Posted May 20th, 2008 by Rory Bathgate, Portraiteur

Foundation fellow bloggers awareness

Image Description Here I've still been waiting for the mass blog update from Gareth since he just returned from a 2 week trip with the Dekline guys. This will get him motivated. He checks this site. Look even Sierra has been blogging...
Posted May 20th, 2008

Toy Machine Sundays In San Pedro

Image Description Here Met up with some chicks. Image Description Here Rob and Dakota were shredding a rail. Austin got kicked out of his spots by old people. Image Description Here Marcus was there to coach everyone through their moves.
Posted May 19th, 2008 by Jean Shorts Are For Hot Girls Only

Foundation inventing shit

Image Description Here Image Description Here Image Description Here David is very photogenic so when he invents tricks like 1 footed Natas spins I take pictures of it.
Posted May 19th, 2008

Toy Machine Ditchin', Jumpin' and Shakin'

Image Description Here Met up with J-Lou the Damaged yesterday. He was Spider Manning everywhere. Image Description Here After Rob got flippy in the ditch he had to double fist shakes from J in the B. Hungry eyes. Image Description Here A Johnny homie hippied the infamous Jack's Jump. Image Description Here Austin then went to an old spot and reflected on his youth. Image Description Here Sticks of Life.
Posted May 18th, 2008 by Your Inner Child With An Old Soul

Toy Machine Austin Gets Blunted

Image Description Here This may happen again, today.
Posted May 17th, 2008 by Get It, Get It?

Toy Machine Swinging Into The Mid Twenties

Image Description Here Austin tried his luck at the infamous swing bike yesterday. Image Description Here He had some trouble so birthday boy Grif got on to show him how it's done. Image Description Here Pretty sick. Image Description Here Then JJ took it and posed some tweaks. This made Grif start a bike war.
Posted May 16th, 2008 by Flapper Indiana Jones

Foundation Colorado feature on the Transworld site

Image Description Here David wound up over at the Transworld site in the Colorado featured storie article.
Posted May 16th, 2008

Toy Machine Found his ass...

Image Description Here He was in Copenhagen.
Posted May 15th, 2008 by The Tempster

Toy Machine Facelift

Image Description Here We got one. Be patient with some bugs. This is the launch week.
Posted May 15th, 2008 by Nip Tucker

Foundation back to Mall of America

Image Description Here Abdias is heading back to Mall of America and 3rd Lair skatepark for Damn Am in June.
Posted May 15th, 2008

Foundation Foundation Active signing

Image Description Here Foundation will be doing a signing at Active. Active Temecula @ 1pm 29720 Rancho California Rd. Temecula, CA 92591 Active Chino Hills @ 4pm Grand Opening The Schoppes at Chino Hills 3405 Main Street, Suite 4025 Chino Hills, CA 91709
Posted May 14th, 2008

Toy Machine Beyond Thunderdome

Image Description Here Austin went Mad Max the other day, skating shabby trailers in industrial wastelands. Sometimes it's a hard cruel world.
Posted May 14th, 2008 by Ike Turner Wasn't a Fan

Dekline Last Day with the Crew

Today is the last day with everyone.  Yeah sorry the trip is winding down.  Thanks to everyone that tuned in during the trip, Thanks Rodent, The Mag, & the rest of the family that made this trip happen.  Until next time, Click the thumbnail for more pics.

1 Only a one hour left until most of the guys had to fly home
2 Zarosh gets a quick 5.0
3 Gareth caught one too
4 Jason says goodbye
5 Brad, Kayla, Rodent and Matt watch the van while we hit the Welfare banks for a minute
6 On the way out of DC we drove the the Washington Monument
7 Rodent during the six hour drive back to NC
8 1:00am parking garage session
9 Greensboro, NC is a ghost town at 1:00am
10 Melcher is the last man standing on the tour
11 This is the only form of life in downtown Greensboro, NC

DEC14_1_tiny.jpg DEC14_2_tiny.jpg DEC14_3_tiny.jpg DEC14_4_tiny.jpg DEC14_5_tiny.jpg DEC14_6_tiny.jpg DEC14_7_tiny.jpg DEC14_8_tiny.jpg DEC14_9_tiny.jpg DEC14_10_tiny.jpg DEC14_11_tiny.jpg
Only a one hour left until most of the guys had to fly home
Posted May 14th, 2008 by August

Toy Machine Kincaide's Palate

Image Description Here His newest exhibition is a must see.
Posted May 13th, 2008 by Bob Ross Has Afro Crabs

Dekline Art & Bars

Again the rain held us back.  Not too much skating took place, but we had some good art appreciation to fill the void.  Click the thumbnail for more pics.

1 Today we walked around the city since it was still raining
2 Then we headed over to The National Gallery of Art
3 Rodent and Jason check out a Warhol piece
4 Gareth
5 Creepy Gareth
6 We popped into L&N for a minute
7 Then we all headed over to Comet for some pizza, beer & ping pong
8 Heated ping pong sessions were going down at Comet
9 Ping Pong art in the shiter
10 More Ping Pong art
11 Tour highlights by Gareth Stehr

DEC13_1_tiny.jpg DEC13_2_tiny.jpg DEC13_3_tiny.jpg DEC13_4_tiny.jpg DEC13_5_tiny.jpg DEC13_6_tiny.jpg DEC13_7_tiny.jpg DEC13_8_tiny.jpg DEC13_9_tiny.jpg DEC13_10_tiny.jpg DEC13_11_tiny.jpg
Today we walked around the city since it was still raining
Posted May 13th, 2008 by August

Foundation funland usa

Image Description Here Image Description Here Image Description Here Sometimes I forget Gareth has a website because he rarely updates it. This will motivate him. Also check out the Corey giveaway on the Osiris site.
Posted May 13th, 2008

Dekline Good Start & a wet finish

Off to a good start today and then the heavens opened up.  I mean not just showers either.  Click the thumbnail for more pics.

1 Started the day off in Downtown Richmond, Va
2 Olly was all over this manual pad
3 Melcher peep’n out the spot
4 Olly preparing for the drive to DC
5 Rodent’s switch craze
6 Met up with Richmond ripper Josh Swyers for a second
7 Rodent’s broken finger
8 The only thing we can do for Rodent’s finger
9 Just getting into DC
10 The Capital
11 We found a quarter pipe
12 Zarosh
13 Drove by the Gold Rail
14 The Red Rail was the only dry spot in the city
15 Gareth found a new jacket at the spot
16 Gareth warms up
17 The double & triple was dry except for the run up.
18 Rain is not the biggest motivator

DEC12_1_tiny.jpg DEC12_2_tiny.jpg DEC12_3_tiny.jpg DEC12_4_tiny.jpg DEC12_5_tiny.jpg DEC12_6_tiny.jpg DEC12_7_tiny.jpg DEC12_8_tiny.jpg DEC12_9_tiny.jpg DEC12_10_tiny.jpg DEC12_11_tiny.jpg DEC12_12_tiny.jpg DEC12_13_tiny.jpg DEC12_14_tiny.jpg DEC12_15_tiny.jpg DEC12_16_tiny.jpg DEC12_17_tiny.jpg DEC12_18_tiny.jpg
Started the day off in Downtown Richmond, Va
Posted May 12th, 2008 by August

Toy Machine Super Sunday Post (on Monday)

Image Description Here Austin battled back from an injury to get smithy on a hometown ledge. Image Description Here 'Sentin'. Image Description Here New flow kid Dakota was shredding. Image Description Here Grif practiced his Swan and Duck kata. Lookin' good. Kincaide. Image Description Here Grant got hopping mad while Rob barfed. Image Description Here Austin ended the day with a sweet hippie.
Posted May 12th, 2008 by Videos, Photo Links, Hippie Jumps!

Dekline Nick McLouth's Mag Minute

Check out Nick McLouth's Mag Minute...making hard tricks look easy. Nice Nick!

Nick McLouth's Mag Minute
Posted May 12th, 2008 by Emily

Foundation summery tours

Image Description Here Angel can be found over at the Thrasher site on a Spitfire tour up North. Image Description Here Abdias just went back to Tampa to visit friends and family, Gareth was seen lurking in North Carolina on a Dekline trip, and David is in Denver until Circa departs to China on the 21st. Image Description Here Corey's in San Diego skating awaiting the Osiris Equator trip.
Posted May 11th, 2008

Dekline Pool Party

Today we were finishing things up in NC and headed up towards Richmond.  Found a sick back yard pool, Zarosh was hyped and had a great day.  Click the thumbnail for more photos.

1 First spot was “The Wave”
2 Melcher passes on the wave and reads a novel
3 Rodent broke his finger today
4 Zarosh rolling in
5 Man down
6 Jason lurking in Downtown Durham
7 Olly Todd feeling the southern eats
8 Zarosh is still hyped on his free camera
9 Everyday we are asked what band are we in? Gareth tells everyone we are in a band called “The Secrets”
10 “The Secrets” South East Tour schedule
11Cook Out is a must
12 Cook Out Everyday…twice a day
13 On the way to Virginia we went to a backyard pool
14 The Good Life
15 Zarosh smiths the deep end
16 Gareth caves the stairs
17 Zarosh backtail over the stairs
18 Best backyard pool in NC
19 Pool Party
20 Carolina mud
21 Gareth’s bug bites are eating him alive

DEC11_1_tiny.jpg DEC11_3_tiny.jpg DEC11_4_tiny.jpg DEC11_5_tiny.jpg DEC11_6_tiny.jpg DEC11_7_tiny.jpg DEC11_8_tiny.jpg DEC11_9_tiny.jpg DEC11_10_tiny.jpg DEC11_11_tiny.jpg DEC11_12_tiny.jpg DEC11_13_tiny.jpg DEC11_14_tiny.jpg DEC11_15_tiny.jpg DEC11_16_tiny.jpg DEC11_17_tiny.jpg DEC11_18_tiny.jpg DEC11_19_tiny.jpg DEC11_20_tiny.jpg DEC11_21_tiny.jpg DEC11_22_tiny.jpg
First spot was “The Wave”
Posted May 11th, 2008 by August

Toy Machine Toy Machine + Emerica Billboard in Hong Kong

Image Description Here
Posted May 11th, 2008 by Something to see.

Toy Machine Late And Never

Image Description Here Sunday Super Post coming tomorrow. This lady with a fanny pack and a hog should keep you occupied for now.
Posted May 10th, 2008 by Lagger

Dekline Good times in Raleigh, NC


After a few souther bug bites we headed out for some breakfast and an all day spot search.

I took the guys out for some real country cooking
2 Turns out Zarosh likes pepper in his OJ
3 That’s right Pepper
4 Zarosh trips out on all the random shit in the restaurant
5 Zarosh asks if he could buy this old camera
6 Zarosh and his new camera
7 Met the guys at Endless Grind Skateshop
8 Rodent was having his breakfast in the NC Legends chair
9 Johnny Randolph managing the store
10 Jason Adams pops in with some Starbucks
11 Melch was ready for the first spot
12 First spot of the day was the Full Pipes
13 Ripping
14 Gareth was the first casualty
15 It started raining so Rodent took advantage of the free time
16 As soon as it dried up we were back out
17 Gap to loading dock spot behind Endless Grind Skateshop
18 Rained out again so we headed over to Jackpot
19 Cheers
20 Raleigh, NC over and out

DEC10_1_tiny.jpg DEC10_2_tiny.jpg DEC10_3_tiny.jpg DEC10_4_tiny.jpg DEC10_5_tiny.jpg DEC10_6_tiny.jpg DEC10_7_tiny.jpg DEC10_8_tiny.jpg DEC10_9_tiny.jpg DEC10_10_tiny.jpg DEC10_11_tiny.jpg DEC10_12_tiny.jpg DEC10_13_tiny.jpg DEC10_14_tiny.jpg DEC10_15_tiny.jpg DEC10_16_tiny.jpg DEC10_17_tiny.jpg DEC10_18_tiny.jpg DEC10_19_tiny.jpg DEC10_20_tiny.jpg
I took the guys out for some real country cooking
Posted May 10th, 2008 by August

Tum Yeto Sun Diego's Am Slam

Image Description HereImage Description Here The AmSlam is a 6 stop amateur skateboarding contest series, designed to give the thousands of skateboarders in San Diego an arena to compete in and an opportunity to excel. The AmSlam is a points-based series, which means skaters will work to accumulate points all summer and those with the highest points will advance to the Finals event on August 24th. Although there will be some great prizes and trophies given out to top placing skaters at each stop, it is the winners of the Finals that will take home the CA$H and the title of SUN DIEGO’S 2008 AMSLAM CHAMPION! Check the flyer for more details!
Posted May 9th, 2008 by Emily

Dekline Dodging the rain in Carolina

Today the crew woke up with the heavens crying their eyes out….Damn!…After checking the weather report it seemed to be some what scattered showers so the hunt bean for dry spots. Got it!  Sure enough dry spots were found. Click the thumbnail for more pics.

1 It’s raining out
2 One hour later….it’s still raining out
3 Zarosh has unique taste
4 Patrick Melcher
5 Bricks dry fast. This is our first stop of the day
6 Second spot
7 The third spot is a secret spot that is way out in the cuts
8 Matt Swinski looks through the trash at the secret spot
9 Score
10 Melcher was creeping around
11 We had to wait until 8:00pm until we hiked to the spot
12 2:00am handrail mission
13 2:30am,Mission complete
14 3:00am Burgers
15 4:00am Slappies
16 4:14am the cops showed up
17 4:20am the cop sparked up and decided to let us keep skating
18 4:30am Rodent decides to start filming a line
19 5:00am Rodent has the eye of the tiger

DEC9_1_tiny.jpg DEC9_2_tiny.jpg DEC9_3_tiny.jpg DEC9_4_tiny.jpg DEC9_5_tiny.jpg DEC9_6_tiny.jpg DEC9_7_tiny.jpg DEC9_8_tiny.jpg DEC9_9_tiny.jpg DEC9_10_tiny.jpg DEC9_11_tiny.jpg DEC9_12_tiny.jpg DEC9_13_tiny.jpg DEC9_14_tiny.jpg DEC9_15_tiny.jpg DEC9_16_tiny.jpg DEC9_17_tiny.jpg DEC9_18_tiny.jpg DEC9_19_tiny.jpg
It’s raining out
Posted May 9th, 2008 by August

Foundation i dont even know

Image Description Here We found a sign on the side of the road and i guess you could say it just fit.
Posted May 9th, 2008

Dekline Ragging We’re Board Demo

An amazing day for everyone!  We’re Board demo was a huge success!  The crowd was going crazy and super stoked on the Crew.  Thanks for the support guys!  Click the thumbnail for more pics.

1 Melcher peeps out a spot on the way to the demo
2 Zarosh decided to trim it up a bit
3 Warm up session on the way to the demo
4 Gareth and Matt found this
5 Gareth warming up
6 Melcher and Gareth
7 Gareth sets up a new ride at We’re Board
8 Jason Adams Foot plant
9 Jason Adams Invert
10 Olly Todd Wallride
11 Patrick Melcher BS Lip
12 Patrick Melcher Hurricane
13 Jason Adams and Patrick Melcher
14 Pat Rakestraw came out to watch the demo
15 Gareth and the crew signing at We’re Board
16 Who knows what Olly is signing (Not Dekline), but the ink alone is Money!
17 Gareth on the Green Sables to....EBAY $$$$
18 Jason Adams Sig to, Double $$$
19 Gareth Signing the Gold Scratch...$$$
20 Zarosh tagged it
21 Thanks for  the support!
22 After the demo we headed back out
23 Gareth and Melcher got directions to the Twinkie ledge
24 “The Twinkie”
25 We found some giant bank to wall and called it a night

DEC7_dec8_01_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec8_02_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec8_03_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec8_04_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec8_05_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec8_06_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec8_07_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec8_08_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec8_09_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec8_10_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec8_11_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec8_12_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec8_13_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec8_14_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec8_15_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec8_16_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec8_17_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec8_18_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec8_19_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec8_20_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec8_21_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec8_22_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec8_23_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec8_24_tiny.jpg DEC8_25_tiny.JPG
Melcher peeps out a spot on the way to the demo
Posted May 8th, 2008 by August

Toy Machine Lands of Bread and Sausage

Image Description Here Josh and the rest of the Fallen/Toy guys are off on a secret Euro adventure. I'd like to tell you where but nobody likes a rat.
Posted May 8th, 2008 by Neahh, See...

Foundation David eats Subway

Image Description Here As you can see David is all about the Sub of the Way.
Posted May 7th, 2008

Dekline Day 7: The Old Factory

Sorry guys fir the late post. Anyways, Spots, Spots, Spots….A Fun day for the Crew & a dope sesh at an old factory Rodent found. Click the Thumbnail for more pics.

1 Melcher sleeping
2 Rodent uploading
3 Rodent and I grabbed some burgers
4 Zarosch warmed up in front of Biscuitville
5 First spot of the day
6 Secret spot
7 Rodent and Jason Adams
8 Matt B is still in good spirits
9 Gareth Stehr spotted this hubba
10 Melcher hits the banks at Duke University
11Gareth eyes up the Big 3 at Duke
12 It’s getting late
13 Right across the street was our last spot and it was a go
14 Over and out

DEC7_dec7_01_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec7_02_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec7_04_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec7_05_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec7_06_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec7_07_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec7_08_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec7_10_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec7_11_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec7_12_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec7_13_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec7_14_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec7_15_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec7_16_tiny.jpg
Melcher sleeping
Posted May 7th, 2008 by August

Toy Machine Took a journey to the 'Surprise Bar'

Image Description Here I ordered from the Suck Menu, and made sure that they didn't jip me on the 'Fun' part...
Posted May 7th, 2008 by Hello From Copenhagen everybody!!!!!

Foundation hey hi hello

Image Description Here Don't forget to check out what Gareth is up to over at the Dekline site.
Posted May 7th, 2008

Dekline Dekline @ We're Board Skate Park

Dekline goes live at We're Board Skate Park.  The demo starts @ 6pm.  Check it!!

Dekline Demo at We're Board
Posted May 7th, 2008 by Emily

Toy Machine After Dinner Smoke Break

Image Description Here
Posted May 6th, 2008 by Non Smoker

Toy Machine Which Way to Seg-Way

Image Description Here Matt B. and Logan Kincaide collaborated on a new piece yesterday. Image Description Here In between switch heels, Matt got Seggy, as Logan chased people around the park, avidly collecting imagery for his new work. Image Description Here Should be pretty serious.
Posted May 6th, 2008 by Job

Dekline Day 6 New Generation Demo

Matt Ball had a unfortunate day of skating the day before landing weird aggravating a previous injury. Other than that the Demo @ New Generation was RAD!  Thanks guys it was a lot of fun. Click the thumbnail for more pics.

1 Early morning Emergency Room visit
2 Matt Ball was over the wait
3 So we drove across the street to CVS and bought some crutches
4 Dyet showed up early for once
5 We packed up the van and headed north to Greenville, SC
6 Couple hours later and we were sitting in a Greenville, SC hotel room getting ready for the demo at New Gen   Skatepark
7 Patrick Melcher transfers into the bowl
8 Jason Adams lean air
9 Gareth Stehr Heelflip 50-50
10 Adam Dyet Kickflip Melon
11 Dyet got broke at the end of the demo
12 Ball was feeling the park but couldn’t skate
13 Jason is still going strong
14 Olly Todd is ok
15 Signing after the demo at New Gen
16 Dyet and the crew
17 Kids
18 Chicks
19 “Hey Zarosh sign my shoe”
20 Matt Ball
21 Autographs
22 Jason Adams Signature over the banister

DEC6_1_tiny.jpg DEC6_2_tiny.jpg DEC6_3_tiny.jpg DEC6_4_tiny.jpg DEC6_5_tiny.jpg DEC6_6_tiny.jpg DEC6_7_tiny.jpg DEC6_8_tiny.jpg DEC6_9_tiny.jpg DEC6_10_tiny.jpg DEC6_11_tiny.jpg DEC6_12_tiny.jpg DEC6_13_tiny.jpg DEC6_14_tiny.jpg DEC6_15_tiny.jpg DEC6_16_tiny.jpg DEC6_17_tiny.jpg DEC6_18_tiny.jpg DEC6_19_tiny.jpg DEC6_20_tiny.jpg DEC6_21_tiny.jpg JASeq_tiny.gif
Early morning Emergency Room visit
Posted May 6th, 2008 by August

Dekline Commune Wednesdays Rock!

The pics are up from Commune Wednesday.  Peep them here!! The night was a huge success and everyone had a great time.  Thanks to everyone involved; the gals at Commune Wednesdays, Atoms, Sassy Boys and Bar Pink Elephant.

Commune Wednesday
Posted May 6th, 2008 by Emily

Foundation investigators

Image Description Here Alex, David, and Abdias check out a rail in Vegas on the recent trip out there.
Posted May 6th, 2008

Dekline Day 5-Shredded All Day

Shredded all day. Couple of dudes are getting tatts back in town and I'll pick them up in a bit. We are breaking out of here in the morning and headed three hours north to the demo in Greenville.  See you There...

Dekline Day 5

1 Everyone wanted to start the day off back in Five Points
2 Zarosh shredding the curb outside of Stratosphere Skateshop
3 Zarosh frontboard
4 Olly chums it up with a local
5 Olly got into a heated debate
6 The bar across from Stratosphere is a magnet
7 Skate Graffiti inside the bar
8 Headed out to peep some spots
9 Zarosh spotted this one
10 Jason warming up at Foundation
11 Melcher rigged something up
12 Rodent throws out a backsmith
13 Dune Front Lip
14 Zarosh ollie
15 Dune taking a breather
16 OG ATL ripper Fred Reeves was at the spot
17 We bumped into Graham Bickerstaff too
18 Gareth on the way to the next spot
19 Zarosh cools down in the shade
20 Olly fighting the heat
21 Dune’s got one more day on the trip
22 Jason
23 Gareth just heard about a party with a mini ramp
24 Oh Fuck
25 Dan-O
26 This dude just ate shit
27 Melcher’s stash gets a lot of attention (Check a Moment with Melch)
28 Where’s Gareth?

DEC5_01_tiny.jpg DEC5_02_tiny.jpg DEC5_03_tiny.jpg DEC5_04_tiny.jpg DEC5_05_tiny.jpg DEC5_06_tiny.jpg DEC5_07_tiny.jpg DEC5_08_tiny.jpg DEC5_09_tiny.jpg DEC5_10_tiny.jpg DEC5_11_tiny.jpg DEC5_12_tiny.jpg DEC5_13_tiny.jpg DEC5_14_tiny.jpg DEC5_15_tiny.jpg DEC5_16_tiny.jpg DEC5_17_tiny.jpg DEC5_18_tiny.jpg DEC5_19_tiny.jpg DEC5_20_tiny.jpg DEC5_21_tiny.jpg DEC5_22_tiny.jpg DEC5_23_tiny.jpg DEC_24_tiny.jpg DEC_25_tiny.jpg DEC_26_tiny.jpg DEC_27_tiny.jpg DEC_28_tiny.jpg
Everyone wanted to start the day off back in Five Points
Posted May 5th, 2008 by August

Toy Machine Sunday Truth

Image Description Here Started the day off mellow, with a double kink. Image Description Here Rob then went frontside on an easy guy. Image Description Here Grif got punched by a giant after showing off his badass kit.
Posted May 5th, 2008 by That Sinking Feeling That All Is False

Dekline Dekline Live @ New Generation

The Dekline team will be skating it up @ New Generation tonight!  The demo starts @ 6pm.  Check out the flyer for more details.

Dekline demo at New Generation
Posted May 5th, 2008 by Emily

Toy Machine New Hot Spot

Image Description Here Grif got up them walls, innovating for most of the session, but keeping it relaxed. Image Description Here Grant went Ragdoll after finding the rail too challenging. Image Description Here Eventually Rob took to the walls himself, previously taking the more traditional route and over-crooking gnarly shit.
Posted May 4th, 2008 by I Shouldn't Even Be Telling You About It

Toy Machine Some random 'overflow' shots from Copenhagen

Image Description Here Miniature version of Copenhagen around 1500 Image Description Here Miniature version of Copenhagen around 1500 Image Description Here Some shit I saw while walking. Image Description Here And my beloved profiles...
Posted May 4th, 2008 by Julie Andrews uses only double sided dildoes

Dekline Saturday…..Hell Yeah!

A few sprinkles?…..Not holdin’ us back. Have fun and Enjoy the Ride.

1 We started the day off in Five Points at Stratosphere Skateshop
2 People like this started to show up so we decided to break out
4 Hotlanta
5 The other side of Hotlanta
6 Graffiti is different down here
7 Rodent is backing this piece
8 Zarosh warming up
9 Caveman 50-50
10 Matt B tested it out
11 Brad with his daily dose
12 Rodent aint scared to rock a purple kit
13 Over it
14 Had some sushi with Gareth
15 Heading back to Little Five Points
16 Matt B warms up
17 Southern Hospitality
18 Not sure what really happened at this point

See you guys tomorrow.

DEC4_1_tiny.jpg DEC4_2_tiny.jpg DEC4_3_tiny.jpg DEC4_4_tiny.jpg DEC4_5_tiny.jpg DEC4_6_tiny.jpg DEC4_7_tiny.jpg DEC4_8_tiny.jpg DEC4_9_tiny.jpg DEC4_10_tiny.jpg DEC4_11_tiny.jpg DEC4_12_tiny.jpg DEC4_13_tiny.jpg DEC4_14_tiny.jpg DEC4_15_tiny.jpg DEC4_16_tiny.jpg DEC4_17_tiny.jpg DEC4_18_tiny.jpg
Posted May 3rd, 2008 by August

Dekline East Coast Day 3

The guys are off to a great start hammerin' shit and kickin' it with the Locals.  "Girls gone Dekline" Might be some good Footage....anyways peep the Pics.  Looks like Gareth is eyeing up a Banger.

1: Zarosch warms up inside the grocery store.
2: Fuled by Coconuts
3: Gareth went for the spicy meat pie
4: Melcher warms up with a front board
5: Jason and Matt
6: Zarosch up and over
7: Dyet hanging with the locals
8: Gareth warming up for the next spot
9: Oh Shit Dune popped in
10: This dude was outside our hotel.
11 Oh Fuck
12 It’s on
13 Dyet got hyped
14 I heard some say “what if Freddie Kruger and Lizard King had a kid”
15 Red Bull girls came to our hotel
16 But they had to go
17 These two claim they will be back later.
18 Gareth tailslides minutes after the Red Bull party ended
19 Olly recovering from the Hotlanta sun.
20 Dune fresh off his flight from LA
21 Gareth wanted to check one last spot “1854 Rail”, Also the year Dave Rudabaugh, outlaw and gunfighter was born. Check out more 1854 stupid facts here.
22 Good way to end the night
23: Not a good way to end the night

DEC_1_tiny.jpg DEC_2_tiny.jpg DEC_3_tiny.jpg DEC_4_tiny.jpg DEC_5_tiny.jpg DEC_6_tiny.jpg DEC_7_tiny.jpg DEC_8_tiny.jpg DEC_9_tiny.jpg DEC_10_tiny.jpg DEC_11_tiny.jpg DEC_12_tiny.jpg DEC_13_tiny.jpg DEC_14_tiny.jpg DEC_15_tiny.jpg DEC_16_tiny.jpg DEC_17_tiny.jpg DEC_18_tiny.jpg DEC_19_tiny.jpg DEC_20_tiny.jpg DEC_21_tiny.jpg DEC_22_tiny.jpg DEC_23_tiny.jpg
Posted May 3rd, 2008 by August

Toy Machine The Right Way Is...

Image Description Here That way. Quit hitting this. Hit this.
Posted May 3rd, 2008 by Your Moral Compass

Foundation jumping for joy

Image Description Here Image Description Here Gareth jumps for joy because hes on the road again. This time with the Dekline guys.
Posted May 2nd, 2008

Toy Machine Random Randoms

Image Description Here Something randomly pensive... Image Description Here Something randomly sobering... Image Description Here And something randomly funny.
Posted May 2nd, 2008 by Swan Song Days Of Randomness

Toy Machine Tardy Catalina Adventure

Image Description Here Yeah, I know it's a week after the last Catalina post, but this is my view of the day. Relaxing boat rides. Image Description Here Deanna guided us to a beach full of sea puppies. Image Description Here Grant kept is cucumber. As in "cool-as-a". Image Description Here The sun set as Grif lamented our departure.
Posted May 2nd, 2008 by Late Bloomer

Dekline 2nd Night Vampire Sesh

1: Sinclair arrived a day late on the tour so here was the scene when I arrived at
the hotel. Rockin' Jam Sesh...
2: We met up with Matt Swinsky and checked out his ATL spot book. Organized as F@$*
3: Turns out the bump to rail is skate proofed.....
4: Pretty much the worst skate proof attempt I’ve ever seen. Wrench + 10 minutes + pry bar = Skate Sesh!
6. Gareth warms up with a Backside 180.
7. Then he tail tapped that shit.
8. Rolled to one more spot.
9. 2:52am......called it a night.

GTailBanger_tiny.JPG PeepinPicks_tiny.JPG SupBall_tiny.JPG CrewWorkinontheSpot_tiny.JPG RemovingOpression_tiny.JPG GBS180_tiny.JPG WhatTheSpot_tiny.JPG NightJam_tiny.JPG WorkinHard_tiny.JPG
Tail Banger! Hit it G!....Taking Color coordination to a new Level Pants>Board Logo.
Posted May 2nd, 2008 by August

Dekline Dekline East Coast Day 2

That’s right the Dekline guys are on the road.  They are going to be spending the next 2 weeks cruzin’ from Hotlanta to DC with The Skateboard Mag’s very own photographer Rodent.  Team riders Patrick Melcher, Matt Ball, Olly Todd, Zarosh, Chris Pastras, Jason Adams, Adam Dyet, & Gareth Stehr, 2 filmers (Matt Swinski & Bradley Rosado) & Mike Sinclair new to the Dekline program helping out with the Team & Marketing are all cramming into one Van to get the job done.  Have fun Guys!. Thanks for the iPhone photos Rodent….More tomarrow…..

GarethGuitar_tiny.jpg FirstSpot_tiny.jpg OllyDay2_tiny.jpg ZaroshDay2_tiny.jpg LStore_tiny.jpg
Morning Tunes....G-Money
Posted May 1st, 2008 by August

Toy Machine For Lack of a Better Post

Image Description Here Spying on people is fun. Better posts tomorrow. Promise. Logan Kincaide
Posted May 1st, 2008 by Peeping Thomas

Foundation jailhouse ham and cheese

Image Description Here Image Description Here Looks like youngin's David and Abdias landed themselves in jail the other night for skating in Denver. 10 hours later and they were calling me to give the heads up on their future court appearances. Respect.
Posted May 1st, 2008