News From January 2006

Toy Machine Look Into the Eyes of Your Life Owner

Image Description Josh Harmony took this pic in Lyon while on a skate mission with Mr. Mortagne. Just out of frame is a swarm of a million rollerbladers, and I'm not talking about the boot grabbing, railing dancing variety, but a lamer Euro strain, that takes to couple-skating, cone weaving, and cigarette smoking. Oh yeah, new video, "Suffer the Joy" coming soon. Hold your breath...
Posted January 31st, 2006 by Your Beautiful Mexican Wife

Deathbox Pineapple in Costa Rica.

January 2006. Pineapple and crew hanging at the A-Hole in Costa Rica. Left to right: Nacho, Pineapple, Alex, Gucci and Diego.

Posted January 31st, 2006 by sk8rdie

Toy Machine Did we mention that we are making a video?

You will be invited to: Image Description Of skateboarding with the Toy Machine Bloodsucking Skateboard Company. Coming THIS YEAR.
Posted January 31st, 2006 by scissors used to cut people from team

Toy Machine The many phases of Griffin Collins...

You didn't even ask for it, but here it is! The First in a Mega-Part web saga. Stay Tuned. Image Description His high school ID card.
Posted January 30th, 2006 by the corporate avenger

Toy Machine Diego eats a grotesque novelty sandwich.

Image Description You can't get much more random.
Posted January 30th, 2006 by meat is murder

Toy Machine Austin got jacked...

He skated this thing first but Devine got a photo of the same trick in the magazine first, so we never used it... (this sometimes happens...) Image Description But now we unleash it for the Austin fans... Get the BIGGER version right frickin' HERE.
Posted January 30th, 2006 by Jimmy cracked cornhole but I don't care

Toy Machine Johnny's first ad as a pro... WEB PREVIEW!

See it in the "ads" section, or in J-Lay's part of the "Team" page... OR click HERE.
Posted January 29th, 2006 by the bunghole that made it

Toy Machine Butch vs. The Pikeys

Image Description Diego runs into some gypsy types while attempting to fly. He hates pikeys....
Posted January 29th, 2006 by Your Intense Scowl

Toy Machine J-Lay and one of his street buddies

Image Description Photo by Humphries: Want it as a Desktop Wallpaper? (click it!)
Posted January 28th, 2006 by the guy who posts usually

Toy Machine Me and Ptah update the web for you...

Image Description My head starts to spin and gets a little wavy. Screw Shrooms! Look at a computer screen all day, It messes you up way more...
Posted January 27th, 2006 by you know you're a nerd when this is your life

Toy Machine Child labor Laws? Never heard of them!

Image Description Meet the 10-year-olds that make your boards... just kidding.
Posted January 27th, 2006 by mongrel hag of the parental taint

Toy Machine A Cool site for video nerds...

A website dedicated to everything SKATE video! See each TM pro's video history by clicking their name: HERE
Posted January 27th, 2006 by edward A templemonger

Toy Machine What is Matt Hensley up to?

Image Description
Posted January 27th, 2006 by edward A templemonger

Foundation The new 411 issue 14.1

This is the issue that has Duffels part along w/ 4 pages in the zine. “Pack Your Duffel Bags” as we head up to Northern California to skate with Corey Duffel and watch Jaws tear up our presidential cabinet.

Posted January 26th, 2006 by el ztaffo

Toy Machine Krishnamurti was a Fort Thunder Slut

Image Description Secret BF with secrets... See a bigger VERSION
Posted January 26th, 2006 by What's the frequency Kenneth?

Toy Machine We found a better photo...

Photo by Tod Swank! Image Description The whole team together is a little more rare these days, since Diego moved to Barcelona... See a KEY to this photo here.
Posted January 26th, 2006 by the headaches just keep coming

Toy Machine Fan artwork for a Josh Harmony graphic...

Image Description Sent in by Ray Sykes.
Posted January 24th, 2006 by mongrel 3-headed dog of the rapture

Toy Machine Stay tuned for the many faces of Griffin...

Coming in a day or two...
Posted January 24th, 2006 by Ming-Haggrid, son of the Sea-Hag

Toy Machine Me and Ed went skating today!

He was ripping! Image Description Image Description
Posted January 24th, 2006 by Josh Harmony

Toy Machine Random Matt B sighting...

Image Description
Posted January 24th, 2006 by your mom

Toy Machine Demo in Tennessee?

Image Description
Posted January 24th, 2006 by the fire-pit of death-flame

Tum Yeto Tum Yeto decks rated #1 for 2005!

Tum Yeto

Pop Top
9 stars
Great buy for any skater! Very close to the average on weight. Great deck design. Within the STDV on flexural test. Did great on slide wear and abrasion resistance test. Also tested well on the fatigue test. Overall well within the average set by the composite decks tested.

Tum Yeto
9 1/2 Stars
Great composite decks that have a unique appearance. These decks are very close in weight to the average set by this testing. They really stand out from the crowd. Decks very similar to the average set for the Flexural testing. Did great on the slide and impact test. Did well on the abrsion resistance test and slide wear test. Decks also did well on the fatigue test and the torsial test.

Company statement: This is sent to you only!! Experimental

Great skateboards:
deck 1 Experimental deck black graphics
deck 2 Experimental deck red graphics
deck 3 fire mold
deck 4 rocker mold
deck 5 tea-spoon mold

Deck 1 and 2 of this lot are among the best tested this year. Low pressure drop numbers on the fatigue test. No major problems found. The lot got a 9 1/2 based upon these two decks.

Deck # 3 a little stiffer on the starting pressure in the fatique test and a little higher pressure drop during the cycle.

Deck 4 had the lowest fatique test starting pressure among the lot, this means it is a little more flexable, but all the lot were toward the high end of the STDV.

Deck 5 had the highest pressure drop of the lot, 154 pounds of force. Meaning it will not last quite as long but still within the STDV.

Pop top statement: Decks tested well on all areas of the testing. Deck #1 in the lot had the highest pressure drop on the fatigue test (181). It exceeded the STDV.

Read more and see how other decks fared at

Posted January 24th, 2006 by el ztaffo

Dekline "My Mom Loves Transworld" - WINNER

After long hours and tons of entries....We have finally decided who had an entry that was unique, creative, and unlike anything we have seen.

Congratulations! BRADEN BAER
Braden's "Blood-Mid" took the idea of a shoe colorway and went outside the box of traditional thinking and created something that we felt deserved the grand prize, relieving his Mom from having to buy skate shoes for a year.

Runner-up: Stephen Williams
Stephen also, had some very interesting colorways that deserved a mention on the site. His ability to experiment with some different patterns caught our eye and earned him a spot for second place.

Posted January 23rd, 2006 by August

Foundation Mike Rusczyk Thrasher interview!!

Online exclusive at

Posted January 23rd, 2006 by el ztaffo

Toy Machine Trade Show Girls...

They were after Matt B. And J-Lay... Image Description They love autographs... Note: Matt Milligan sighting in the BGP.
Posted January 22nd, 2006 by party girls get _______? each year...

Toy Machine Signing!

Image Description Billy and Diego are hiding behind Josh's melon. The whole team bit the bullet and made it down to the tradeshow. Handshakin' and How Ya Doin'... Image Description What's it going to take for you to realize that Johnny is pro! Geez, get with the program and buy his shit already! austintable Austin at dinner after the trade-show... For you Austin fans... josh-jenna Young Josh and his sweet gal Jenna in conversation about video games and movies at the after dinner... todjosh Tod Swank the overlord of all overlords and master cylinder of Tum-yeto TUMEGA Corporation with young and innocent Josh Harmony. Making master plans for the viral spread of Toy Machine into your life. We love you Tod! Image Description See what you missed? When else will J-Lay and the Shiniest Person in Skateboarding (Terry Kennedy) be linked arm in arm, sharing a smile and a photo? whats this i hear about a video...?
Posted January 22nd, 2006 by I Run On Your Schedule

Toy Machine Toy Team signing at the Trade Show!!!

The ENTIRE Toy Machine team will be attending the Trade Show in San Diego, California to watch the world premiere of the preview trailer of our new video, "SUFFER the JOY" Be there at 4:30 on Saturday January 21st!!!! Rush security and get beat up by Samoans! See tons of hangers-on lurking and 'networking' and trying to shmooze their way to the top of the skate world, see grown men with plastic bags filled with free stickers, see leering crowds of people drooling over swimsuit models, see skimpily dressed women let men place stickers on their asses, see sad people posting up in their booths of stupid products that not one person will EVER stop to even look at, shake over 2000 people's hands - picking up as many diseases as possible, attend one of the after parties and get filled with liquor, become shit-faced, and then drunk drive home!!!!!! All of this awaits you at the wonderful Trade Show!!!
Posted January 21st, 2006 by jaded old coot who hates everything these days

Toy Machine Jimmy gets excited about the Washington Monument!

Image Description
Posted January 20th, 2006 by lo and behold, a sheep in wolf's clothing

Toy Machine Photo of Josh, As requested...

Since Kevin never freaking updates the website... Image Description Harmony ripping this rail a new a-hole. You've probably already seen it, so complain by posting a comment to Kevin about not reading the comments or updating...
Posted January 20th, 2006 by The king of toy machine, AKA your boss.

Toy Machine Sect Drawing by Garret S. Summerlin

kidsect He e-mailed it in and here it is! See it BIGGER!
Posted January 18th, 2006 by think about your mom taking a turd

Toy Machine Fuck you all.

ed-geoff Especially you governor's, senators, congress-people, and presidents...
Posted January 18th, 2006 by this is what we were thinking at the time

Toy Machine Diego was so happy to meet Christian Hosoi

Image Description I introduced them, and Deanna took the photo. That is Diego's friend Spiro hangin' with Holmes too...
Posted January 18th, 2006 by snort it, sell it, whatever

Toy Machine Tempster Gets Busy On the Big Wheel

Image Description You know your job is mellow when a "meeting" consists of chopping through a bum refuge forest, finding a child's broken big wheel, and attempting to cruise it down the bmx dirt paths. All in a day's work...
Posted January 17th, 2006 by Your Scattered Brain and Jammed Schedule

Toy Machine This Guy is Pro

Image Description Just a reminder before you go out and buy somebody else's shit, Johnny Layton is Toy Machine's newest pro. Remember to remember...
Posted January 16th, 2006 by Your Hawaiian Honey

Toy Machine 50% of tour is Waiting...

Image Description *Bigger Version* (click!) photo by Diego B. somewhere in Europe...
Posted January 15th, 2006 by big man - small mouth

Toy Machine Trying to get Herpes

Image Description. Johnny caught Frenching a young Russian bird...
Posted January 14th, 2006 by SALIVA TRANSFER

Toy Machine Riding a train through the dark heart of Russia

Image Description Cozy livin' PS: J-Lay has been pro for 13 days, and it is Friday the 13th (My mom, and Jimmy from RVCA's birthday. They are both white trash.) (Big J's birthday too, but I'm not sure if he is really white trash.)
Posted January 13th, 2006 by the Czar's wife has an ovarian cyst

Toy Machine Johnny Gets Dirty

Image Description J-Lay plugged the top of this volcano just in time with a pivot to fakie. We should all thank him that we're not melting to death in an ocean of lava. By the way, this guy has been Toy Machine's newest pro for exactly 12 days.
Posted January 12th, 2006 by Your Pissed Off Landlord

Toy Machine The recieving end of the Butcher's Stinger...

An impaired Johnny invites the pain in hopes of a black eye. Image Description All in good wholesome fun... Wanna see it BIGGER???? and possibly save it as a desktop?
Posted January 11th, 2006 by Let's hope he doesn't go blind

Toy Machine Yesterday we were regular kids...

Then we found out about Hot Topic!!! Image Description We're PUNKERS now!
Posted January 10th, 2006 by yes, it is that easy.

Toy Machine Matt B. fought the law, and lost...

5 day house arrest. Image Description
Posted January 10th, 2006 by Some laws should be broken, and some not.

Toy Machine ________________________________________

You wanna see something Random??????? Then ask the question, do you feel lucky?
Posted January 9th, 2006 by disclaimer of a disclaimer Warning

Toy Machine Austin Back Smith - Sweet Mary!!!

Many years old, never used, never will be. Web Exclusive! Image Description Do you Wanna see it Bigger????
Posted January 9th, 2006 by cornhole on the cobb

Toy Machine What is J-Lay doing?

layton ollie
Posted January 7th, 2006 by the flap on the left side

Toy Machine Crew Sighting

Image Description J-Lay has a posse. Don't ask, because no one will tell...
Posted January 6th, 2006 by The Bowl Troll In Your Back Room

Toy Machine EPIC Deigo update!!!!!

Image Description If you want to check out some great recent footage of Diego, search for the link on the Thrasher website. It's under the Thu - Dec, 29 2005, Junk Drawer. See it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And here is Diego's i-Pod most played list: He is a crazy bastard! 1. Oasis - all of them in shuffle 2. Camaron de la Isla - Soy Gitano 3. Pappo´s blues - Sucio y Desprolijo 4. Chambao - Pokito a Poko. 5. Cast - Live the dream.
Posted January 5th, 2006

Toy Machine Matt B's top 5 most played songs...

From his eye-pawed. 1. Photographic (live) - Depeche Mode 2. I sometimes Wish I Was Dead - Depeche Mode 3. Nowhere Girl - B-Movie 4. Get The Balance Right - Depeche Mode 5. Whos that Girl - Eurythmics
Posted January 5th, 2006 by I don't need to tell you crap

Toy Machine Billy makes a freind

Image Description
Posted January 4th, 2006 by turtle boy pitches a tent

Toy Machine Matt B Meets Doug

Image Description You meet some interesting folks on the road, and Matt's buddy Doug doesn't disappoint. He looked like a Hell's Angel, smelled of motor oil, and had built an engine for his bicycle. Matt B just tripped out on him while Ed got his vegan fix somewhere in Oregon.
Posted January 4th, 2006 by The Rough Hands of a Hard Life


Image Description “im in vegas right now skating my local spots and parks and shit til my court situation is on new years i decided to wreck my motorcycle cause i havent bled enough this year.heres some pics kids,LIVE AND DESTROY!” RAGDOLL.
Posted January 3rd, 2006

Pig Wood Ragdoll's IPOD top 5

1.icarus line-white devil 2.icarus line—spike island 3.devendra banhart-fall 4.devendra banhart-lazy butterfly 5.calexico & iron and wine-he lays in the reighns
Posted January 3rd, 2006

Toy Machine Godzilla went out like a chump...

Image Description
Posted January 3rd, 2006 by monster-Xtreme Ed T laughs with Rodan and Gammara

Toy Machine Austin Rides the gravy train...

Image Description And go see Ed's show...
Posted January 2nd, 2006 by Gargamel molested Smurfette

Toy Machine Yes, I know...

Image Description
Posted January 1st, 2006 by mongrel 3-headed dog of the rapture

Toy Machine Ed's i-Pod top 5 most played...

This is a lopsided representation, because I was on a serious Dylan bender... Image Description See it bigger HERE
Posted January 1st, 2006 by mongrel dog of the apocolypse

Toy Machine Harmony Gives You a Boneless New Year!

Image Description All our old news disappeared! It's all gone! I feel so used....
Posted January 1st, 2006 by The God on Your Shoulder