News From October 2004

Toy Machine Billy Marks wins the Active Bling Fest!!

Coming directly off the premiere night.....on Saturday Billy Marks whooped ass and beat everyone in the Active Bling fest best trick contest. He won a crap load of cash a guitar and amp to go with his new tires and rims!! Nice prizes, he's all hooked up now, spinners...what!

Photos and stuff HERE.

Posted October 28th, 2004 by el ztaffo

Toy Machine Toy Machine premiere blurb.

The new Toy Machine video “Good & Evil” has just premiered on Oct. 22nd at the House of Blues in Anaheim Disney Land!! 2 sold out shows of approx 1500 people were in awe when the video hit the stage. Ed Templeton, Billy Marks, Diego the Butcher, Austin Stephens, Josh Harmony, Johnny Layton and super secret Toy rider Matt Bennett destroyed everything from huge sets of stairs in Barcelona to So Cal flip to rail wizardry. Good & Evil does not disappoint and will leave you on the edge of your seat for years to come. Available at finer skateboard shops Nov. 11th.

Top secret Toy Machine AM is none other then Matt Bennett!!! Big welcome to the team!

Sorry, in the heat and rush of the night, I forgot my digi cam. If anyone has any extra photo let us know. Active comes through with a little tid bit. Tid bit is a funny word. I know what a bit is, but what is a tid? Isn't it weird when you say a word enough times, it doesn't even sound like a word any more? tid bit, tid bit, tid bit....tid bit.

Posted October 28th, 2004 by el ztaffo

Foundation Leo Romero in the Fontana Herald.

Leo Romero has traveled the world, showing his skills as a skateboard star.

Last Saturday, he was back in his hometown of Fontana....Fontana Herald News.

Posted October 27th, 2004 by el ztaffo

Tum Yeto Under the Overpass DVD!

Under The Overpass

Marc Gariss, long time friend and former TY staffer, has turned film maker. His new independent short film "Under the Overpass" appeared in the San Diego Film Festival this year, and is now available on DVD. Out Now! Ten Smackers gets you a whomping of creativity. Starring Doug Lathrope, Marc Gariss and many more.

This is not a skate flick, but a a flick done by a skateboarder.

Get it today!

Click here to the UTO site and purchase options: Under the Overpass

Posted October 26th, 2004 by Yum Teto

Foundation New Ads Biotches

See all the newest ads here before they come out in the mags. Why so lucky? Are you part of a elite group of Secret Society members? No, you're just on the internet!

Foundation newest propaganda proliferations

Worlds Biggest Skateboard - Thought it wasn't?!?

Posted October 26th, 2004 by Yuck Fou

Toy Machine Good & Evil premiere tonight!!!

It's finally here yo!!

Image Description

The House of Blues is on Disney Land Dr. Near Disney Land. Admission is free, first come first serve. Be there early, doors open at 7pm.

Posted October 22nd, 2004 by el ztaffo

Foundation Corey Duffel interview in Australia!!

What do you think of the Australian talent?

well shucks, their is great stuff down there. okay first off radio birdman! probably one of the best rock n roll bands of all time. the saints the scientist the victims....


Posted October 20th, 2004 by el ztaffo

Tum Yeto Help! Help! The Dozers Are Coming!

On March 13, 1976 Carlsbad Skatepark opened, making it the worldıs first. Covered with dirt in the early 80ıs it has remained buried for about 20 years but could be easily excavated and restored.

Our vision for the park is to restore the original facility as a historical landmark, ad new modern street and pool terrain and build the worldıs largest skateboarding museum with facilities for art, photo and film exhibits.

The skatepark sits on a 6-acre parcel in the corner of the Carlsbad Raceway property, which is scheduled for grading in November as a part of a large industrial park being developed by the H.G. Fenton Company of San Diego.

This is an irreplaceable part of Carlsbadıs, Californiaıs and skateboardingıs history! How can we save this?

EUR Buy the property: The market value for the parcel is between 3 and 5 million dollars. Due to the unlikelihood of finding private donations and grants of that amount in the next couple weeks we will ask the City of Carlsbad to assist with funding and gaining the cooperation of H.G. Fenton to cease grading plans for the property. We propose a City/corporate partnership to make this a public, free-to-ride facility; a model of success is the Etnies Shoes/ City of Lake Forest park.

EUR Show of support: We need to show the City of Carlsbad and H.G. Fenton the magnitude of support the residents of Carlsbad and the skateboard community have for this project. We have met with Mayor Lewis of Carlsbad and he was initially very supportive of the idea, we plan to address the city council on the 12th of October as well. We will stage a rally at the site on October 19th at 3:30 pm to prove the extent of support for the park followed by a more extensive presentation to the city council at 6 pm. Anyone who canıt attend the rally or council meeting can voice their support by writing to the council at

The proposed skateboarding and museum complex would be a great asset to the City of Carlsbad and surrounding communities for these reasons:

EUR Recreational facilities for Carlsbad residents: There are 12 million skateboarders nationwide, but only 1,000 skateparks. Skateparks are the number-one most wanted recreational facility in a recent national poll of parks-and-recreation directors. Carlsbad currently only has one small facility.

EUR Attracting tourists: The ³Worldıs First Skatepark² and ³Worlds Largest Skateboarding Museum² would attract visitors from all over the world. It would be a place the family could enjoy together along with Lego Land and other area attractions. Skateboard contests, demonstrations and other events would bring thousands of people to Carlsbad hotels and restaurants.

EUR Asset to the Carlsbad Raceway Business Park: Skateboarding is a one-billion-dollar annual international business. DC Shoes whose primary focus is skateboarding footwear exceeded 100 million in sales last year; DC is located within a half mile of the raceway property. There is tremendous potential to draw other skateboard related companies into the Raceway Business Park area. The open space and park-like setting of the skateboarding facility would also ad value to all tenants and employees of the industrial complex.

If you have any questions or ideas, please call or e-mail me. We only have a few weeks to make this happen so any time you can dedicate to the cause would be very helpful. Please forward this info to all of your local accounts, friends and media connections; print some flyers, signs and t-shirts. The skateboard industry and riders need to rally together like never before to save this piece of history and future location of many great skate sessions and events, letıs do this!

David Bergthold
Smash Technologies Video/
Blockhead Skateboards
o. 760-721-5352
m. 760-717-4012

Save Carlsbad

Posted October 13th, 2004 by Yuck Fou

Tum Yeto Goofy vs. Regular.

We had a great run at this last weekends GvR contest.

On the goofy side, Matt Allen qualified first.

On the Regular side JLay qualified first, Leo Romero qualified second and Billy Marks qualified forth.

Over all.
Leo Romero placed 3rd.
Johnny Layton placed 4th. (JLay is only an AM!!!!)

Regular wins!!

Congrats too the team, swell job guys!!!

Posted October 11th, 2004 by el ztaffo

Foundation Free Gear from Foundation?!?!

There is just way too much to do and we need your help. We need some really cool new banners. Make us some and we'll trade for gear. Use Foundation recent ads as style guides.

Contact for more info attention FOSKCO Banners

Posted October 3rd, 2004 by Yuck Fou

Foundation New Suicide Girls Deck Series

Available now is the second limited edition pro series of Suicide Girls decks from Foundation with artwork from renowned artist Nathan Carbrera. This comes froma colloboration between the risque punk rock pin up masters, Suicide Girls and Foundation that was initiated by Tum Yeto's former receptionist and Suicide Girls member, Jessica. Series one consisted of some pre existing art from SG while this one the collaboration brought Nathan Carbrera into the picture. Pro models from Corey Duffel, Danila Shimizu, Ethan Fowler and Leo Romero, a team decks and a SG logo deck.

Available from finer skateshops worldwide.

Go to and click on the "Keep On Rolling" pop up menu to Suicide Girls Decks.

Ad appearing in Thrasher Nov issue.

Posted October 2nd, 2004 by Yuck Fou