News From February 2004


More Dekline in The Distillers videos. Our Sewn Arrow Shirt & Striped shirt. Check it out. Their new videos The Hunger & Beat your heart out Thanks Ryan!
Posted February 28th, 2004 by Dekline's Music Guy

Pig Wood Adrian Mallory says......

Reporting from the Pig Wood field Adrian Mallory says “Slayer rules!”
Posted February 25th, 2004 by the Quizno's subs guys

Foundation It's almost time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Corey Duffel is just now getting back from the World Cup in Australia, where he was greeted by mass Aussie fans and skated his ass off for Slamm Magazine. Will Corey get yet another cover?

That’s Life is premiering in March! Can you believe it! On time and on schedule, everyone is putting together their last minute footy. With the overwhelming success and feedback we got from the ASR View and Brew teaser….this video is going to be a crowning moment for the Foundation team. Who says we don’t have our best team yet!

Posted February 25th, 2004 by chicken butt

Toy Machine New Toy Macine news!

Billy Marks has been on a media frenzy. He just shot a Fallen ad that’s due out any time now. He also just finished an interview for Skateboarder that will be out soon. In more humbling news Billy just survived gnarly car accident, some idiot was going off on the on ramp of his local freeway resulting in a totaled car, no worries though Billy is ok.

Diego The Butcher is on his way to Spain for about a month, to work on two interviews. One is gonna be for Dogway Magazine, from Spain, and the other one is gonna be for Sidewalk Surfer. He’ll be ripping all the south of Spain and Mallorca Island. Diego has been quoted as saying, “I just love Spain, I can't help it!!”

What's up with those Quizno's commercials?? "cause they are good to us!"

Posted February 25th, 2004 by el ztaffoo

Dekline Another Dekline success story.

Here's an actual product review, for the Dekline Rumors, we got from Derek Fettes of Spruce Groove, Canada.

"when I was eleven I got hit in the mouth with a baseball. my four front teeth were bashed out of my gums and were dangling to my braces that were do to be off in 8 hours. my braces are the only reason I didn't swallow, thus forever losing, my teeth....the Dekline rumor is like my braces. last night I rolled my ankle the worst ever, but it could, and should have been a lot worse. these shoes kick ass, they are comfortably snug and have unbelievable support and cushion. don't waste your money on other shoes and get these deklines!"

Posted February 20th, 2004 by The Dekline monster, mmmmm Deeeklinees.........

Toy Machine AZ and JLay

Two Arizona weekend and a halfs and countless hours of footage later, everyone is safe and sound in their two bed, two bath place. The Tempster rose up with a furious anger and walloped secret desert gems...

JLay wrangled up a Heads in Thrasher with only two days of shooting. I'll only remind you once that he subsists off of utter gnarlitude. He absolutely will not stop, until you are dead.

Posted February 11th, 2004 by Kevs

Toy Machine Flobots

Toy Flobot Matt Bennett recently scored himself an opener in 411 Issue 62 and a two pager in the now defunct Big Brother. Where will he unleash the elusive frontside Barley grind next? Only Good and Evil will tell...

Sam Smith, Robin Harper, and Jessie Booi all returned to their respective homes this month after a stint in SoCal. Fun, footage and photos was had by all.

Colt Bowden and Trevor Dunnit competed in Tampa Am. Trevor schralped into 6th while Colt kept it urban in the Tampa streets.

Toy Machine Bloodsucking Skateboard Co. has successfully bio engineered a perfect cross breed of skaters and wild hogs. The FDA is testing now and they'll soon be available in video form. You can guess where...

Posted February 11th, 2004 by Kevs

Foundation Daniel Shimizu package giveaway at

If we just so happen to think that you are the least dipshitty of the other dipshits, we'll let you win. How awesome is that?!?! So hop to it champ. If you're the big winner, you'll get what we're calling the "Daniel Shimizu package" in your here to enter, duh!
Posted February 11th, 2004 by Travis


Former 2 time World Street Champion Eric Dressen was offered a deal from Santa Cruz that he could not refuse. Unfortunately, Eric D. has decided to leave Deathbox right at the time his new Dressen "Coffin" deck was done and ready to hit the market. The problem with having a crew filled with the hard-core legends that Deathbox has, it's hard to keep all that hard-core raw energy focused in one direction. Same problem The original Zephyr team had with the Z-Boys! Once the crew gets big and bad; EVERYONE wants a piece of the action! We wish Eric D. and Santa Cruz all the best, and look forward to thrashing some coping and slashing some Deathbox with them soon! In the mean time, we did produce a VERY limited run of the Eric Dressen "Coffin", measuring in at 8.6X32.5" of sick badness! A sure collectors item of the rarest kind. Available at finer hard-core shops worldwide.
Posted February 10th, 2004 by Rockwell Shralp


Dekline has shipped on time. Check our "Shop Locator". FIND IT! to see where you can go get some product today.
Posted February 9th, 2004 by August

Tum Yeto Memorial Skatepark Grand Opening!

Here it is! Photos from the Memorial Skatepark Grand Opening!!! enjoy Memorial Skatepark
Posted February 4th, 2004 by August

Foundation Prove your tourin' knowledge! and WIN!

Prove your tourin' knowledge! WIN the new Foundation tour video! Are you a road warrior or road kill? Prove your travelin' skills and you could win the new Foundation European Tour Video!

Courtesy of Foundation Skateboards, we are giving away the new tour video to the top seven contestants! Contest ends Febuary 29th, 2004.

Don't be a lump on your ergonomic home office furniture, go enter here.

Posted February 2nd, 2004 by Pete Horvath