News From November 2003

Foundation Skate Park of Tampa giveaway.

Our friends over at the Skate Park of Tampa have hooked up a new Foundation giveaway that we're going to make you work for. Be prepared to put your scavenger hunting skillz on! Go check out for more details.

Do it now! Don't make me say dammit!

Posted November 20th, 2003 by el ztaffo

Toy Machine Johnny Layton is Toy Machine's newest AM.

Josh harmony is out busting his ass working on his Thrasher interview, coming out soon.

Austin Stephens recently went on an Emerica road / demo trip to the East Coast, where he and the sick ass Emerica team showed a full frontal force. He’s currently nursing a rolled ankle and can’t wait to continue filming for the upcoming TM ‘Good and Evil’ video.

Billy Marks killed the Active Bling demo, doing kickflip lipslides down 10 with no problem.

Diego Bucchieri just got back from Spain where he and filmer Kevin Barnett were filming in Barcelona, getting some untapped good spots for the new Toy Machine video ‘Good and Evil.’

Ed Templeton is getting hurt, and working on his art show ‘The Prevailing Nothing’. Ed is very busy right now, that shit opened in LA last weekend!!!!

It’s officially official: JLAY is now a full-blown AM on Toy Machine. Watch out for Johnny 'JLay' Layton, this kid is blowing up. Be sure to check out mad pages in the new Thrasher Kings of the Road issue, he’s got tons of coverage to feast your eyes on.

Posted November 17th, 2003 by small cheese

Foundation Foundation's new tour video is done!

Corey Duffel is currently designing a signature pant with Sessions. You are always asking were to get Corey’s pants and now you can - get them through Sessions! He has finally taken his mad steez from the street and put it in a shop near you, and as Corey says. “it will be radical.”

Watch out for Leo Romero’s interview in the next Big Brother.

As I write this, the F crew is finishing their new tour video featuring footy from the epic European tour as well as all the other mini trips from this year. Look for this guy in stores in a few days.

The rest of the Foundation team is busily filming for the new full-length video, titled ‘That’s Life.’ Featuring arguably the best team Foundation has had yet, you can expect some great parts from established riders - Ethan Fowler, Justin Strubing, Daniel Shimizu and Mike Rusczyk not to mention the killers of today - Corey Duffel and Tony Silva, plus some break out parts from the new up and coming AMs - Gareth Stehr, Leo Romero, Matt Allen and Angel Ramirez. This one, my friends, is going to kick some serious butt.

Posted November 17th, 2003 by dookie boy

Toy Machine Toy Machine’s video collection, now on DVD!

Toy Machine’s entire video collection to date, now on DVD!

This Boxed Set includes Toy Machine Live!, Heavy Metal, Welcome to Hell, and Jump Off A Building. This is the first time these classic videos have been available on DVD, and it is the only way to get Toy Machine’s out of print early release, Toy Machine Live! Plus, each DVD ends with a photo gallery featuring random photographs from each video’s era. This box set is a must-have in every skateboarder’s video collection! (DVDs also sold separately, details below)

DVD Box Set includes:
Toy Machine Live! / Heavy Metal
Welcome to Hell
Jump Off A Building

TOY MACHINE LIVE!/HEAVY METAL: Toy Machine’s first two full-length video releases together on one DVD, featuring the skating of riders like Ethan Fowler, Jahmal Williams, Jerry Fowler, Ed Templeton, Josh Kalis, Satva Leung, Jamie Thomas, and many more!! Now you can impress your friends by knowing all the intimate details of the two classic videos, especially the out of print & highly sought after Toy Machine Live! Each video is shown in its original form, un-edited and un-censored, and features a bonus photo gallery. (Originally released 1994, 1995) Run time: 52 minutes
DVD includes
Toy Machine Live!
Heavy Metal
Live! Photo Gallery
Heavy Metal Photo Gallery

WELCOME TO HELL: This classic Toy Machine video is a must for any Skateboarder’s video collection! Featuring some of skateboarding’s most well known skaters, this video upped the bar in every aspect, thanks to the hard work of a Toy Machine team led by Jamie Thomas. The editing, music, and skating in this video helped define an era. The DVD features Chad Muska’s original, un-released part that was cut from the video the first time due to an ill-fated video premiere in San Diego. The video is presented here in its original un-edited and un-censored form, and features a bonus photo gallery. (Originally released 1996) Run time: 30 minutes
DVD includes
Welcome to Hell
Welcome to Hell Photo Gallery

JUMP OFF A BUILDING: Toy Machine’s 4th video release, Jump Off a Building, was the follow up to Welcome to Hell. It is Toy Machine at its most creative, featuring the skating of Brian Anderson, Mike Maldonado, Elissa Steamer, Bam Margera, Ed Templeton, Chris Senn, and Kerry Getz. The video is presented here in its original un-edited and un-censored form, and features a bonus photo gallery. (Originally released 1998) Run time: 38 minutes
DVD includes
Jump Off A Building
Jump Off A Building Photo Gallery

Posted November 17th, 2003 by DVD master

Dekline What is up with those Dekline guys!?

Patrick Melcher is filming and staring in a video shoot for a Flogging Molly video. Skateboarding, cruising on his scooter, shooting pool, and doing his gig.

Gareth Stehr, apart from having a very creepy mustache, just turned 21!!!!!

Ben Gilley just moved back to and is now living in Birmingham, Alabama for a little while...Skateboarding all the time and hanging out at Faith Skate Shop.

Cyril Mountain, along with the rest of team is traveling to the Windy City of Chicago for a mini Halloween photo tour. On all Hallows eve the guys will be at a ramp party on an indoor ramp somewhere outside the city. Ghostly skateboarding.

Posted November 17th, 2003 by The Dekline of all that you know

Pig Wood Pig wood guys in the new Pacific Drive video!

Adrian Mallory and Charlie Castelluzzo have been setting the haters straight, both with parts in the new Pacific Drive video. Also in the video are clips from Shuriken Shannon. It’s a good video, worth checking out if you can get your hands on a copy. Try the PD site for a copy.

The premiere was at Cane's in Mission Beach, San Diego. There was also a great performance by the Heartaches - one of my favorite bands right now.

Posted November 17th, 2003 by oink master flash

Deathbox Deathbox news and other style haps.

Check out the new Pearl Jam DVD release. Big fan of Deathbox, Jeff Amment is seen wearing a Deathbox tee during a jam session. Also in the DVD are parts were the band can be seen skating all the different arena from their last tour...on Deathbox wood!

Pineapple and Shey have been seen sessioning with legendary skate photog Ted Terrebone at Clairemont. Couple of pics can be seen at

Shey Saladino was last seen on a mini park tour in So Cal with dad. Pineapple was blown away with Shey's acid drops at Coronado and ollie to frontside airs. As Shey would say ... "What the ... ??? "

Hackett and Pineapple are working hard on the new product line for Spring. Rumor is a new shape and graphic from Pineapple is in the works.

Ricky Stiles is now living in Long Beach again.

Have you seen him ... Mike Folmer? If any knows his whereabouts, please let us know ASAP. Email

Nathan Groff last reported charging once again after being taken out by a fruit booter months ago.

Most of the O.G. Deathbox team will be featured in the upcoming Independent Trucks 25th Anniversary coffee table book.

Posted November 17th, 2003 by Deathbox

Tum Yeto New Catalog Listing Page @

We've made it easier to find the TY products that you want! You can now see a listing of EVERY available product all on the same page by visiting

Demand our products from your local shop or favorite mailorder!! Tell them they are losers if they don't have our gear!

Posted November 13th, 2003 by Tum Yeto Web Whore

Foundation Name the tool contest.

Foundation has partnered up with one of our favorite websites to bring you yet another chance to win some free stuff. This time you could win one of Foundation's patended Pop Tool.

Go to and enter the contest. While there, check out their extensive archives of video reviews.

Posted November 12th, 2003 by el ztaffo

Tum Yeto Damn Am Costa Mesa.

Tum Yeto had a really good showing at the Damn Am this year. Everyone entered, took it very seriously and gave 100% - Brian 'Slash' Hansen, Leo Romero, Matt Allen, Angel Ramirez, Gareth Stehr, Johnny Layton and Josh Harmony.

Through the smoke and the ash in their eyes...Leo, Matt, Gareth, Johnny and Josh all made it to the semi-finals. Out of 103 competitors!

Leo, Gareth and JLay made it to the finals, where Gareth placed 8th and Leo placed 7th. Gareth and Leo both had flawless runs. But the contest machines took it. I swear these park kids are robots! And some of them are babies, 8 and 10 years old! Ryan Bobier took 1st.

We have amazing teams and our presence is known everywhere we go. Everyone did a great job and it was a very good weekend. Photos up on the site soon.

Posted November 10th, 2003 by el ztaffo

Tum Yeto Hollywood and Toy Machine signing at Sun Diego!

Guess what guys!?!? Both the Hollywood and Toy Machine teams will be at Sun Diego at the Parkway Plaza Mall store in El Cajon. This Sunday, Nov. 9th at 3pm - 5pm.

Toy Machine - Austin Stephens, Diego Bucchieri, Billy Marks, Josh Harmony and Johnny Layton.

Hollywood - Don The Nuge, Charlie Thomas, Dorian Tucker, James Atkin, Justin Roy, Richie Belton and DJ Chavez.

In addition to the instore appearance we are having a special sales promotion - buy any Hollywood or Toy Machine deck or jeans and get a free t-shirt. How about them apples!?!?!?

Directions: The mall is on the north side of the 8 freeway, exit Johnson. You can't miss it. Call if you need help 619-441-5213.

Posted November 6th, 2003 by autographer