News From October 2003

Toy Machine Mark your calendars!!!

Less than a month away!

Ed Templeton

"the Prevailing Nothing"

November 15 - December 20, 2003

Opening reception:
Saturday, November 15th, 6 - 8 pm

6150 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Tel 323.549.0223
Fax 323.549.0224

In Association with:
Iconoclast Productions and with generous help from RVCA Clothing.

Posted October 21st, 2003 by Ed Templeton's lackey

Toy Machine and Toy Machine.

Toy Machine and Action have teamed up to bring you a Diego Buchierri giveaway! Its real easy just go to and enter win! While you're there buy some Toy machine crap.
Posted October 17th, 2003 by el ztafool

Deathbox Pineapple complete skateboard giveaway.

Deathbox and have teamed up to bring you the......Pineapple complete giveaway! It's very simple to enter, just pay a visit to and enter to win! While you're there check out's extensive database of So Cal skateparks! Isn't it amazing when you get exactly what you think you're getting?
Posted October 13th, 2003 by Web based giveaway solutions for the fleet.

Pig Wheels Winner for September!!!

Whoo hooo. Spazzo Jibbers the one and only won the Tum Yeto contest for September. That cat lives so far away that he ordered a Misfits shirt on Sept 26th and it still hasen't getten there!! Some farm land in New Hamshire. I wonder if they have pigs? Cause he'd fit right in with his new Pig stencil deck, Pig hardcore wheels, overspry t-shirt, a the classic Pig streth pants, so when he becomes a pig the pants will streeetch. You always associate Pig stuff with pigs, thats so unoriginal, what are you gonna say next? Oink, Oink!?.....get a life!

We think you should enter the contest if you wanna win. Don't worry all your info will be stored in the HAL artificial intellegence mainframe database and will be stricktly used for marketing purposes and sold to the highest spam bidder. Enter here, muwahahahahaha.

Posted October 9th, 2003 by el ztaffo

Tum Yeto New site feature - The wishlist.

Make sure you get exactly what you want from ole Saint Nick this year! Tum Yeto has made it totally easy to put together your wish list for this holiday season. All you have to do is pick out which products you want - decks, hardware, hoodies, poop, everything we make! Then plug in your zip code, and we'll give you the names of all the shops in your area. Once you build your list, you can email it to anyone you want, or print it out and hand it over to Grandma. Plus, our HAL 2001 database will store all of your info, in case you find more people that you can black mail into buying you presents.

Start your black mail shopping extravaganza by clicking here.

Posted October 3rd, 2003 by el ztaffo

Foundation Ethan Fowler Slap interview.

Look out for Ethan Fowler's Slap interview...coming out and hitting the streets here a couple weeks!!! I heard it was....special.
Posted October 2nd, 2003 by mag ho

Toy Machine Johnny Layton on Toy Machine!?

Johnny Layton, aka. Jay-Lay, is Toy Machine's newest AM. He was on flow for a bit, but proved himslef over and over. Congrats goes out to Johnny Layton!!! Watch for his new ad coming out soon.

Johnny works at the Temecula Active skateshop and will be entering the Damn AM contest at the end of October.

If you don't live in Cali you can see him in the upcoming Thrasher Kings of the Road article - I heard he killed it.

Posted October 1st, 2003 by el ztaffo

Foundation Rob Dyrdek's Campaign for Skate Plazas.

Rob Dyrdek, Seek and DC Shoes professional skateboarders, is a long time advocate of proper public skateparks that fit the progressive majority of street skateboarders throughout the world. He along with DC Shoes founder, Ken Block, have started a Foundation to help support and spread the word about the Skate Plaza's. The first park is under construction as we speak in Rob's hometown of Kettering, Ohio and have plans to persuade San Diego to address the problem of badly built skateparks.

To find out more and how you can help go to

Posted October 1st, 2003 by Rob Dyrdek