News From August 2003

Foundation Kings of the Road update.

Things are going really good. We just might win this thing. We are all in Colorado right now hanging out with Rob Hostetter. How have things been at TY. Busy I know. Everybody is skating really good. This tour is awesome. Really glad we participated. Everyday we have been getting some amazing tricks. Just wanted to say hi and check in. Gareth is getting a Thrasher tattoo right now. This was one of our challenges. We have some crazy challenges like make out with a girl 40 plus. Diego took care of this one. He also wore a speedo in miami. Gareth fs slid a handrail neckade and Adrian grinded it barefooted. All these are our chalenges and we have a ton more. We have to all fs slash a pool soon too. Even me, yikes, Some challenges everybody in the van has to participate.
Posted August 28th, 2003 by king of the road

Tum Yeto Beware in Poway.

This is messed up, we are criminals! Poway city Nazi's
Posted August 27th, 2003 by el ztaffo

Tum Yeto New TY Propaganda now available!

Hurry! Go to the Wallpaper page and download some of the brand new TY wallpapers and set them as the background on your grandma's and school library's computers!! Hurry! Before the Department of Homeland Security arrests you and throws you into the slammer without a trial!!
Posted August 27th, 2003 by +0m Y33+0 W3b L4ck3y

Toy Machine Toy Machine video name.

We're working on it.
You will be terminated.
Pawns will froth at the mouth.
Just skate and don't worry about it.
It will come like the tooth fairy.
Posted August 24th, 2003 by the tempster


PALM PICTURES and BIG BROTHER MAGAZINE invite you and a guest to attend the Los Angeles premiere of Helen Stickler's STOKED: THE RISE AND FALL OF GATOR This Monday, August 25, 2003

Screening at 7pm @ Laemmle's Sunset 5: 8000 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood

Party to immediately follow @ 9000 Lounge: 9000 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood
Refreshments by Red Stripe

Please RSVP for the screening and party at You must RSVP to attend and there is limited space. Admission to both will be on a first come, first serve basis.

Stoked will open on Friday, August 29th at Laemmle's Sunset 5, Monica, Lido and Pasadena Playhouse.
NEW YORK: 8/22 at the Angelika
LA: 8/29 at various theatres
SAN FRANCISCO: 8/29 at Landmark's Lumiere in SF + Landmark's Shattuck in Berkeley
SEATTLE : 8/29 at Landmark's Varsity
SAN DIEGO: 9/5 at the Landmark's Ken Theater
HOUSTON + DALLAS: 9/5 at the Angelika
CHICAGO: 9/12 at Landmark's Century Centre
.. and more cities to be added!

Posted August 21st, 2003 by ebert

Toy Machine IASC auction.

Yo! You're not going to believe this! Ed Templeton gave up some of his artwork to benefit the IASC. We always get emails from people asking us how to buy artwork from Ed. And now here it is, while supporting a good cause at the same time. IASC ebay auction
Posted August 20th, 2003 by el ztafool

Foundation Kings of the Road.

The Thrasher Kings of the Road contest is off and running. The trip is a Cannonball Run-style contest where different teams from across the industry start on the east coast and race each other to a finish at the Bayview Rumble in SF at the end of August. But it’s not just a race for time, along the way, they have to complete special missions in order to move on to the next destination. It’s all hush hush stuff, but I do know that an entire issue of Thrasher is going to be dedicated to this race, so stay tuned to Thrasher!

You can also vote for your favorite team. Who’s going to win!? Go to and vote!

Posted August 20th, 2003 by el ztaffo

Toy Machine More on the upcoming Toy Machine video.

This just in! The yet to be named Toy Machine video is scheduled to be out in March of 2004. This is going to be the first full length video with the new team Billy Marks, Ed Templeton, Austin Stephens, Josh Harmony, Diego Bucchieri and some new kids. Ed has another new art show opening later this year. Called “the prevailing nothing,” it will be an an installation of new photographs and paintings.
Opening reception Saturday, November 15th, 6 – 8PM Show runs November 15 - December 20, 2003 at ROBERTS & TILTON Gallery
6150 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90048
Tel 323.549.0223
Fax 323.549.0224
Posted August 20th, 2003 by caca poo poo pee pee

Foundation Foundation update.

Leo Romero is broke off! He seriously sprained not one, but both of his ankles within a two week period. Ouch.

Corey Duffel is busy killing shit for the 88 video.

Posted August 20th, 2003 by el ztaffo



The Deathbox website has been going through a few changes! First, the Deathbox forum got so many posts it blew up, then, we added a new “Ad Archive” section. To check it out, go to: AD ARCHIVE We also added a new “Slide Show" at the bottom of each rider’s page. Soon, there will be a photo section with photos of all our valued customers who rock the box!

Deathbox skateboards has 3 new pro decks out; The Hackett 35.5X8 “Weapon of Mass Destruction” , The TMAG “Beast” 32X8.2, and the New Dave Reul 32X8.25. These decks are sick as hell and are been shipping to the finest shops the world over. In addition to these gnar tools, DBS has 3 new Logo decks that will blow your mind! The “Shadow Logo”, The “Iron Outline” and The “All Crossed Up” model. To check all these out, go to: DEATHBOX PRODUCTS

The new Eric D model, and the new Adrian Demain , Mark Partain, and Wentzle Ruml decks are almost done and will be in the line up by 1/2004 – Of course these models are looking sick and will make you rethink your budget. In addition to these new offerings, Deathbox has all new tees, stickers, hoodies , a F#cking sick as all hell iron cross belt buckle, and a Deathbox video.

Speaking of the Deathbox video, if you have any footage of Deathbox riders, send an email and let us know about it. It could be worth some swag.

Deathbox will be at ASR this year so come and see us! We have also broken down many doors into better shops all over the world and will continue to do our part– if you do yours! Many riders have emailed us at Deathbox complaining about not being able to get Deathbox Products. Believe me, we feel your pain. The only thing we can do is to ask you to go to your local shop and demand Deathbox! If your local shop already carries Deathbox; you know they know what’s up and carry only the hardcore finest!

Deathrace 2004 is being planned as you read this, and will be one of the most radical and demandingly fast course seen yet. Deathrace 04 will be an invitational only event including only the worlds most hardcore all around riders like: Tony Magnussen, Brad Bowman, Mike Folmer, Steve Alba, Steve Olson, David Hackett, Duane Peters, Eddie Elguera, Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain Ben Schroeder, Eric Dressen, Danny Way, Christian Hosoi, Tony Hawk, Colin McKay, John Cardiel, Omar Hassan, Bob Burnquist, Al Partanen, Mark Partain, Wade Speyer, Royce Nelson, Aaron Astorga, Dan Drehobel, Peter Hewitt, Sam Hitz, Mike Vallely, Justin Strubing, Christian Brox, Jimmy Moore, Steve Roche, Alex Chalmers, Chet Childress, Rune Glifberg, Tony Trujillo, Kris Markovich, Neil Heddings, Alan Peterson,Brian Patch, Ricky Stiles, Dave Reul, Jimmy the Greek, Texas Dan, Tom Inouye, Doug Saladino and more….

Now a little update on the crew:

Jay Adams is not on Deathbox any more, but still keeps lines of communication open With the crew. Maybe a new Deathbox Adams model in the near future? Only those in the know, Know for sure!!

Brad Bowman has been spotted ripping all over LA and the HB area. This month he is featured in the new Thrasher mag Deathbox ad carving a two wheeler over the Box. BB also opened a sick Home furnishings Design store up in Ventura county called “Fusion Home”. Next time your in the area on tour stop in and check him out!

Eric Dressen finished filming for the new Indy film and has been working on his new model for Deathbox. It has some really killer graphics on the bottom and will of course allow any rider to instantly rip all terrain! Eric D. has also been traveling up north to session with IndyMan Joey Tershay and all the NorCal hardcores! Can anyone say N-MEN!!

Mike Folmer has been missing for over 8 months now. Rumor has it he was seen starring in a An XXX rated porn video called “Give it to Mikey, he’ll eat Anything”! No, just kidding!!! If anyone has seen the Folm, please have him call home.

Dave Hackett has been very busy racing on the pro slalom circuit. After taking down allto Capture 1st place at the Sandia Banked Slalom event out in New Mexico, DH took a respectable 3rd at the first ever Bahne Cadillac “SlalomCross” event and 3rd in the Kona Banked Slalom and the Kona Masters Pool riding event. As it stands, Hack is ranked 2nd in the World Pro Slalom Racing circuit. Unfortunatly Hack busted his foot up pretty bad riding a mini ramp and is now in a cast for 6 weeks! Bummer ! Hack’s last words were; “I’ll be back!” The Hack’s new “Weapon of Mass Destruction” deck has been selling like hotcakes and is one hella-fun ride for the quiver. Hack has been busy working on the new “NO USE” video story of Duane Peters and Eddie Elguerra Concurrently titled “The Punk and The Preacher”. Also look for Hack in a cameo appearance of Black Label’s new video about the “Master of Disaster” in the new Duane video titled “WHO CARES” The Duane Peters story.

Tom Wally Inouye is still just the coolest dude ever. This month he will be on the cover of the new Concrete Wave magazine and have a sweet 3 page interview of the Buddah Master. The new Inouye model has been out and blowing doors. “Wally” finaly broke down and got the operation on his shoulder this month, but will be ready for this winter’s big surf and fresh powder on the mountain.

Doug "Pineapple" Saladino was last seen ripping all the killer terrain up in Oregon last week with his son, Shea as well as surfing all up and down the Cali coastline. Aside from his duties as a co-Deathbox owner, Pine is now responsible with all team rider budgets including Pro and Flow teams and product development along with Hackett and Matt Barker of Tum Yeto.

Wentzle Ruml has been traveling around ripping local banks and pools back East and is about ready for his second trip out to God’s land of ditches- Albequrqe, NM for some sick bank riding. The “Rum” has also been racing some slalom lately with some of the world’s fastest like John Gilmore. Wentzle’s new deck is a larger version of his first – 9.5X33 and has a new Pirate graphic that we all need! “The RUM RUNNER”!!

Ricky Stiles has been representing hard for Deathbox, and this guy just kills it! A native of Southern California, he now lives and rides up in the Seattle/Oregon area where we hooked up with him. Ricky just killed it in the Fusion Soul Bowl Masters and the last Basic Bowl contest. The N-Men Strawberry Lodge event will be happening soon, and we all know that Stiles is one of the favorites to take it.

Tony Mag sweeps Dortmund, Hermosa, and Huntington Beach Pro Vert Masters Championships!! With over 23,000 fans in attendance, the 22nd Monster Mastership World Championship proved to be a memorable skateboarding event. Held in Dortmund, Germany, skaters from 20 countries showed up to crack the event along with over 400 media personal which reported the contest via T.V., the Internet, radio and print media. When the competitive fog lifted, Osiris Shoes President, and Deathbox teamrider Tony Mag was victorious with a huge 1st place win!

As time moves on, Mag's skating only gets better. In a skating event magnified around the world Mag killed every run throwing down a 360 varial to Mctwist to Rodeo flip, f/s invert up the extension and huge 8 ft airs, finishing with a 50/50 to indy to f/s to Mctwist to rodeo, finally ending with his hands in the air throwing out slayer horns to the crowd and capturing the legend event for the third time. Mag, a twenty-year seasoned pro, continues to push levels of skating proving that skateboarding is truly a fountain of youth.

Aside from his victory at Dortmund, T-Mag has dominated the World Cup Soul Bowl series. Kicking off at Hermosa Beach, the first event of the tour, Mag went head to head with last years champ Steve Caballero. Strong and consistent runs proved T-Mag the victor. Linking stand up f/s grinds through the corner, giant airs, and units, Mag dominated and stole the crown.

With hardly a day back in the states from his win in Germany, T-Mag rushed to the US Open Soul Bowl event. During his first practice run, Mag became a victim of a freak accident while f/s grinding through the elbow. He lost footing and miss-stepped, which resulted in a K.O. Being the hard core Gnarler that he is; he shook off the injury and prepared for the next day's contest. Seeking a back-to-back victory, Mag hit it hard. Linking Mctwists, gay twists to rodeo flips and f/s inverts off the extension sealed the deal and gave Mag another first place victory!

In an unusual turn of events Mag took arguably the gnarliest vert slam on a b/s lipslide up the extension from low to hi. He was knocked out for a total of three minutes and then ambulanced to the hospital. 2 days, 3 cat scans, and numerous days of excruciating pain, Mag is recovering now in the comfort of his home with his friends and family. No doubt, Tmag will be back harder than ever and looks forward to The next event when he will be debuting his new Deathbox “Beast” model.

Deathbox riders Dave Ruel,Mark Partain, and Ricky Stiles destroyed this years Basic Bowl. Event. Deathbox riders continue the tradion of letting their decks do the talking in the pool, At the contest or in the backyard- Not on the message boards.

Deathbox wheels have been out and kicking ass and taking names; so we released 4 new versions and graphics for those who can handle “Deathspeed” They are:

53MM "WREATH WHEEL" (101 Duro)

54MM "IRON CROSS" (101 Duro)

61MM "F. U.s" (101 Duro)

65MM "MONSTER FASTS" (100 Duro)

Our mission at DEATHBOX is down and dirty...

Plain and simple, our crew is hardcore to the bone, and we build unique and highly functional skateboards of ALL shapes and sizes that will shred, tear, shralp, devastate, and annihilate all riding surfaces and disciplines of TRUE, PURE, SKATEBOARDING; from the deepest pools to the tallest pipes. Every bank, school, park, bowl, rail, stair, pool, and anything and everything in between will get destroyed! come join us for the ride of your life. All DEATHBOX riders excel at EVERY discipline of skateboarding; pools, parks, pipes, flatland, rails, ditches, banks, slalom, downhill, ramps, and street ANYTHING and EVERYTHING ANYTIME and ANYWHERE. DEATHBOX is committed to the ALL AROUND SKATER, and leads the way BACK TO THE FUTURE of the crowning of the next OVERALL WORLD CHAMPION. So remember, just when you thought the skateboard world was all about shoe sales and rails....DEATHBOX brought you back to the core....


Posted August 20th, 2003 by el ztaffo

Tum Yeto Memorial Skatepark update.

Here it is!!! It's finallly happened! The city just broke ground on the Memorial skatepark on 30th and Marcy (in San Diego). Who said the buerocrats with their red tape can't get nothing done!? Check out the slideshow and check the construction yo.
Posted August 12th, 2003 by Parky the park dogg

Pig Wheels Neil Heddings fundraiser.

Anyone and everyone that lives within a 24hr drive of Burnside must go to Burnside to help support Neil's legal defense fund. I've met Neil a number of times and I cen tell you, with out a doubt, that Neil has been wrongly accused of this horrific crime. He loved Marty more than skateboarding itself! And he was madly in love with skateboarding. Neil is fighting the system! and we all know that is not easy, Neil's defense fund is almost paid, he just needs a little more. Check out the link below for all the info you need to go and support this fundraiser. Free-ing Neil Heddings is not free!! or call Cal's pharmacy at (503) 233-1237 to talk to someone in person.

If you wanna write to him and show your is the addy...

Neil Heddings, #200308867
Robert Presley Detention Center
P.O. Box 710
Riverside, CA 92502

Take some time, send him a postcard or something, he'd appreciate it.

Click to see flyer.

Posted August 11th, 2003 by el ztaffo

Toy Machine "The Prevailing Nothing"

Ed Templeton

"the Prevailing Nothing"

November 15 - December 20, 2003

Opening reception Saturday, November 15th, 6 - 8 p.m.

6150 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Tel 323.549.0223
Fax 323.549.0224

There will be an installation of new photographs and paintings.

The Prevailing Nothing

The Prevailing Nothing

The Prevailing Nothing

Posted August 11th, 2003 by artsy fartsy

Deathbox Pool Session with Dave Ruel.

We get a phone call during the week from one of the coolest guys on the pro pool circuit, Dave Reul who shredds for Deathbox Skateboards, Krepar Trucks, Ninja Bearings and is the front man for The Skatanic Rednecks. He's all, "hey I got this place that is a multi million dollar house that they are tearing down, it has a pool, get your groms and let's skate it, I have the inside on this one". Go to for more!
Posted August 11th, 2003 by the suits

Toy Machine Diego Bucchieri / 411 giveaway and interview.

Diego and 411Vm have hooked to bring you one of the biggest giveaways on 411 to date. Its really easy, plus check out the interview and get the inside scoop on the upcoming video. Its hot on!!
Posted August 8th, 2003 by el ztaffo

Pig Wheels Weeebsite Weeener for July!!!

What a weener! He is the big weener! Everyone likes a weener! Just shut up and tell us who weened and what they weened. Mark Lira from Boise, ID is the weeneer for the month of July. Booya! He wins a stocked up nice package from Pig Wood. The Count Slayer board, with the new Prime cut 51mm wheels a new Switchblade tee a Crown mesh cap so he can go trucking in IdaHo and some classic M-16 pants. Congrats Mark!!

Join the mailing list....I mean contest now! Use the ally oop menu bar and click on contests yo.

Posted August 5th, 2003 by el ztaffo