News From July 2003

Foundation On Board for Lowe Syndrome.

Skateboarding Across America

Skaters Set to Cross America by Board

A team of California skateboarders is poised to make history this summer. The group, including some of the legendary figures in the sport, will kick off August 2nd in Newport, Oregon on a cross-country board trek that will take them nearly 3,000 miles. For some of the skaters, it will be a repeat performance.

Jack Smith, organizer of the venture known as Skateboarding Across America - On Board for Lowe Syndrome, first crossed the nation by skateboard back in 1976, joining two friends on a record-setting push from Lebanon, Oregon, to Williamsburg, Virginia, that spanned 32 days. A few years later, Smith teamed with veteran skaters Paul Dunn, Gary Fluitt and Bob Denike to improve his own mark, finishing the coast-to-coast transit in just 26 days in a trek that raised funds for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. This year he hopes to do even better.

Smith, Fluitt and Dunn will reunite in August to make a new push for the record books. With teammate Nick Krest, they plan to cut the trans-America skateboard journey to just 21 days.

"This time it will be a lot harder," Smith said. “Most of us are in our 40’s now, we have jobs and families, and pushing a skateboard 150 miles a day isn’t so easy on old bones."

Still, the skaters are confident that their quixotic venture will be triumphant. They plan to tap a new generation of specialized skating equipment to cover the long stretches of roadway, and they expect to be joined en route by some of today’s top skaters. But the real difference between this year’s journey and previous trips is more personal and more heartfelt than that.

Skateboarding Across America - On Board for Lowe Syndrome aims to draw attention to a rare genetic disorder that claimed the life of Smith’s 14-year-old son, Jack Marshall Smith, in May of this year. Originally known as oculo-cerebro-renal or OCRL syndrome, Lowe Syndrome was identified in 1952 by Dr. Charles Lowe and colleagues. It affects only boys, causing physical and mental handicaps and a range of medical complications.

“My son has been an incredible inspiration to myself and many others whose lives he has touched,” says Smith. “This is my chance to pay him back for all that he taught me.”

To make the journey in a record-setting three weeks, the team will need to cover about 150 miles a day, no mean feat on a skateboard, even for athletes a couple of decades younger than Smith, Fluitt, Krest and Dunn. To make this possible, Skateboarding Across America hopes to attract a broad range of sponsors. All proceeds from the journey will be donated to the Lowe Syndrome Association.

Details of the cross-country skateboard trek, including the team’s itinerary, have been posted at

Information aboutLowe Syndrome is available at

Contact: Jack Smith, 805-597-5722,

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Foundation The IASC Ebay auction.

Help Support the International Association of Skateboard Companies and get rare, cool skateboard paraphenelia too.
"The mission of the International Association of Skateboard Companies is to represent the global skateboard community as a united force by listening, understanding, and acting on the needs of skateboarders and the skateboard industry”.

When you buy from the IASC auctions you are helping support skateboarding. Get rare finds, pro autographed products and more. The IASC is a non profit association. For more info go to

Or you could just click here.

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Foundation Bayview Rumble.

It’s official, Tum Yeto will be participating in the upcoming Bayview Rumble in San Francisco. The Bayview Rumble is a pure skateboarding event that we are proud to be a part of. It’s on August 30-31, are you in? Contact your sales reps:

Amy Stobbe - CA, NY, NJ, NC 1-800-TUMYETO

Erin Gavin - all other states 1-800-TUMYETO

Check out Bayview Rumble for even more info.

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Pig Wheels A Pig wood video in the works.

Pig Wood would like to welcome Vista ripper Brian Hansen to its AM Team.

A Pig Wood video is in the works, featuring its amazing new team of young rippers. Name of the video is “not yet titled?”

Pig Wheels welcomes Ben Gilley and Alan Peterson to its pro roster.

Pig Prime Cuts and Gutter Cuts are the hottest new wheels designed by the Pig Wheels pro team. Both of these new wheels use a new special urethane that makes them harder and more durable than regular wheels.

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Foundation Foundation news, plus a new rider.

Foundation is getting geared up to be part of the Tum Yeto team on Thrasher’s own "KINGS OF THE ROAD" event. The event starts on the East Coast August 15th and ends in San Francisco, CA on August 30th. Tum Yeto is putting together the best of the best team for this event. For more info go to

Matt Allen has flown the coop from his old team to ride for the Foundation Super Company!!! Matt is on a mission and will have a full-length part in the upcoming Foundation video entitled "THAT's LIFE".

Justin Strubing is still in beautiful Barcelona, Spain filming for his part in the upcoming Foundation video, while the rest of the team is traveling the US collecting hammers for sure.

After hearing Tony Silva brag about all the good spots he gets to skate in Colorado, Leo Romero booked himself a flight right away. Lee is now having a blast in Colorado with his friend and teammate Tony.

Corey Duffel nearly escaped death on the 88 Footwear tour when the team RV burst into flames while doing 90mph on the freeway. Everyone quickly jumped out and watched the whole RV just melt away. Evidently while everyone was stunned and still shaken up over the event, Corey Duffel was laughing hysterically, thinking that this was the funniest thing he had ever seen. After all this went down, the 88 team rented a new vehicle and will continue to finish the tour to Toronto, Canada.

Gareth Stehr will be visiting the south for the first time, meeting up with Pig Wheels and Dekline teammate Ben Gilley, and Patrick Melcher. They have a few demos lined up, plus a lot of chaos.

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Toy Machine Is Billy Marks turning pro?

Toy Machine is NOT going to Europe, and will be spending all of their time filming for their new video instead. The new video could also include footage from the last Toy Machine tour, "Berzerker.” The full length doesn’t have a title yet, or a release date, but it is expected to be out eventually. When it comes out.

Ed Templeton recently did a fashion shoot for Dazed and Confused magazine’s LA issue. Some of his artwork is also included in a book called "The Fourth Sex". Ed’s photo book, "the Golden Age of Neglect," is very rare since it sold out at retail.

The big Toy Machine news is of course that Billy Marks will be going pro in September, and we will be offering three Billy Marks pro boards at the trade show. Way to go Billy, you deserve it bra, congrats!

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(San Diego, CA) - DEKLINE, the latest brand launched by Tum Yeto, Inc., is proud to announce the team that is forging a "new class of society": Ben Gilley, Patrick Melcher, Cyril Mountain and Gareth Stehr.

Ben Gilley (age 25) is a real southern crazy, and originally hails from Birmingham, Alabama. Gilley now creates his place in San Diego, California, where his talent on a skateboard is taking the industry to a new level. Gilley's draw to join the DEKLINE movement was the fact that it was grassroots and gave him the chance to be a part of something strong from the beginning. With no fear of big rails, gaps, and just about anything else for that matter, he feels "It's better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it."

Patrick Melcher (age 25) recently set up permanent residence in Hollywood, California, half a continent away from his blood brothers in Chicago. Melcher is a refreshing necessity for today's skateboard scene, with an original and unique way of finding new spots, and making them happen. Melcher came to DEKLINE with ideas about the brand that were right in line with the basic DEKLINE formula, "Make it different, something fucking different and original that I can roll with my program and not have to change it all up when I go skate. Smash it up! DEKLINE!"

Gareth Stehr (age 20) scraped up what dough he could last year and said "I love you Auckland, New Zealand, but I'm goin' to California." Since landing in San Diego, Gareth has been blowing doors off the skate scene. Finding him self smack in the middle of DEKLINE's early stages, Stehr was so stoked on the overall brand identity concept, and that his ideas were appreciated by the rest of the creative team, he was soon a member of the DEKLINE family. "That's right, boys! Get busy livin' or get busy dyin'!"

Lance "Cyril" Mountain (age 18), formally known as "Lance Jr.," now spreads his original creative style through Long Beach by day and Santa Ana by night. His interest in design, and his constant fight for individuality, whether in his music or skating, his personal credo of "Lead yourself, follow no one," made Cyril and DEKLINE an obvious fit.

These four riders bring more to the table than just raw skateboard talent: design creativity, great attitudes, and a strong interest in doing their part to make the brand successful, a rarity in skateboarding these days. The DEKLINE team will grow slowly and selectively, building on the interests of this core group. Future members of DEKLINE's new class of society will include musicians and icons from other lifestyle cultures, following the original brand strategy to work with people who believe "Conformity is out!" and choose their own individuality instead.

DEKLINE combines the latest in technology with classic design elements. The complete Spring 2004 line of footwear, apparel and accessories will be released in September 2003 at ASR San Diego. A limited line of branded soft goods will also be available throughout the Summer and Back to School 2003 seasons. DEKLINE is the most recent addition to the Tum Yeto, Inc family of brands, which has produced industry leaders in performance, quality and reliability since 1990. In addition to having one of the most intense programs for team riders and marketing, Tum Yeto is a full line manufacturer, nationwide distributor, wholesaler and exporter of high-end professional skateboarding products including hard and soft goods. The company is run by skateboarders, for skateboarders, and has experienced over ten years of continued growth.


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Foundation Memorial Skatepark.

Construction began this week and the park should be completed late October/early November. The park is located at the corner of 30th St and Marcy Ave in Southeast San Diego, only blocks away from the Tum Yeto headquarters. The park will aslo feature an old school snakerun, beginner bowls and lots of real street features (handrails, ledges, stairs, gaps, etc).

Stay tuned for info on the grand opening! We'll report it when we know about it.

Posted July 16th, 2003 by Brian Shoenfisch

Toy Machine Yum Teto website winner for June!!!!!

Bad BrAD! THe winner for this month, due to the lack of peeps checking their emails, every so often we have to come up with a clever little contest, this months contest benefitted and made fat the entire staff here at Tum Yeto command headquarters. The contest was chocolate (a fav amoung us lazy office workers), the peep whom sent in the most, wins! It was that simple. BrAD brought in 5 lbs of snickers, no kidding 5 lbs! We totally weighed it and everything, ya.

So BrAD from the home town of San Diego wins a Toy Machine package. He takes home one of the new Sucking the Life boards, the new 52mm sect wheels, a Down the Highway tee shirt, a Sucking the Life cap and a pair of Good skateboarding jeans. Congrats to BrAD.

Everyone here thanks you BrAD. My belly hurts! I'm full.

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