News From May 2002

Foundation Dude! Where's my board? Tour.

Foundation is going to Europe in the highly anticipated "Dude, Where's my board? Tour. Pros Ethan Fowler, Justin Strubing and Daniel Shimizu show F Ams Corey Duffel and Tony Silva the ropes in Europe. Tentative dates as follow stay tuned for updates and more details!

Date Location What
June 21st Copenhagen Scandinavian Open
June 22nd Copenhagen Scandinavian Open
June 23rd Copenhagen Scandinavian Open
June 25th Germany Demo
June 26th Germany Signing
June 27th Germany Signing
June 28th Germany Demo
June 30th Austria Signing
July 1st Austria Demo
July 2nd Switzerland Signing
July 3rd Switzerland Signing
July 4th Laussane Grand Prix
July 5th Laussane Grand Prix
July 6th Laussane Grand Prix
July 7th Laussane Grand Prix
July 8th Switzerland Signing
July 9th Switzerland Signing
July 11th Dortmund Dortmund Contest
July 12th Dortmund Dortmund Contest
July 13th Dortmund Dortmund Contest
July 14th Dortmund Dortmund Contest
Posted May 30th, 2002 by Yuck Fou

Toy Machine More Sucking the Life.

Toy Machine is lapidated the road and killing every town. Even the park dogs are impressed.
Let see here. Since the last update they've dropped hammers on XXX Sports, Ambush, Vertical Urge and Evolve.

XXX Sports - Todd, "They set the bar, they were on point!" Jim, "It was rad! They blew every other demo away, everybody is still talking about it!" Toy Machine destroyed it, then blew it up. Check out for a story and pics.

Ambush - The course was a little shakey, but the team was still able to pull some impressive chomping.

Vertical Urge - John, "They were better than Enjoi, more professional and alot more heart."

Evolve - Chris, "Insane! Billy Marks shaved this kids head and gave him a mullet and 2 mowhawks, then wrote Sucking the Life".

If any of you minions were there and have pics or just want to tell us about your demo experience, please send it to attn: I'm sucking the life.

Posted May 29th, 2002 by el ztaffo


Hey dudes, Just thought I'd give you an update on the Pine Pro model's performance. It fuckin' rules! In the past 10 months I have ridden square tails from Alva, Scum, Bad Apple, ( Bill Danforth's co.) 151, Shitbird, Beer City, Black Label, the list goes on, but this is the coolest deck out there. The tail & nose are perfect, I would prefer a little deeper concave but this concave is very workable.

Also the graphics are cool, This deck caught the eye of every old school guy in the park. The most important thing however is it's performance. The Revolution park has a replica of a back yard 9' pool & a 40' wide vert ramp. This baby really shines in the pool. The long wheelbase feels very solid & keeps it firm through the corners. I dig this deck! I have finally found a deck that I can ware out instead of get tired of. It will not be my last Deathbox. By the way Dressen & the Ruler are great adds, could DP be lurking in the shadows somewhere?. Tell Hackett to keep working whatever voodoo he's working.

4 Life

Mark Perry

Posted May 29th, 2002 by D-DUDE

Deathbox DAVE

Pool riding Wizard and Hardcore Backyard Man Dave Ruel is the newest member of the elite team of HardCore OG Pool and All Around rippers!! On behalf of everyone at DEATHBOX, we welcome THE RUELER!!! Expect to see him destroying mass coping in your town soon!!!
Posted May 29th, 2002 by D-MAN

Deathbox New DeathBox Wheels Coming Soon!

That's right!!! The New Deathbox Wheels are in production as you read this! They are:
All will be made of the finest damn urethane money can buy, and some will come in two colors and durometers - TBA
Posted May 25th, 2002 by D-MAN

Foundation Washington Street Skatepark Benefit.

The Washington Street Skatepark needs your help. The boys have organized a benefit concert, June 14th at Brick by Brick here in San Diego.

Scope the flyer.

Incase you don't know or haven't heard, the park is well on it's way. Construction is heavy and daily. Whenever you have some free time - go help out. It's fun and you're actually contributing to a real root-dog cause. there's no pre-fab here!

For more info on the Washington Street Skatepark go to

Posted May 23rd, 2002 by yo momma

Toy Machine Sucking the Life Tour update.

Report from the road. "Toy Machine is a demoing machine!" said one guy.

The boys are out killing demos! They each spent $grip$ the first day buying BB guns, paintball guns, slingshots and lots of ammunition! Can't wait to see the footage of that chaos. Shops are reporting that kids are leaving with sore butts, covered in paint screaming Toy Machine rules!

Wes at FF in Oklahoma, "they were on time".
Holmes at FF in Texas, "hundreds of kids wrapped around the store".

More updates as they happen.

Posted May 23rd, 2002 by el ztaffo

Foundation Tum Yeeeto Weebsite Weener!!

The Tum Yeto website winner for April wasn't easy to find! We searched long and tall to find the perfect random winner. Actually the Tum Yeto HAL 2001 artificial intelligence server picked the winner. But who cares? All you know is that unless your name is Niki Moyer and you live in Pennsylvania, you've lost!

Niki is excited to get this big 'ol box of Foundation gear. A Jon West Bloodfest board (to celebrate Jon's new commercial) a set of original star & moon 53mm wheels, a couple of immoderate all cotton tees with screen printed logos, a pair of indigo jeans, Good Times are Killing Me tour video, 3.0 cap, one of the new day backpacks, a chainless chain wallet, OG beanie, a couple of accessories like a belt, coozie, yadda, yadda, some stickers and a Finger banner. and thats it! What! You want more! Jeeze!

You too can be deprived of your bereavement at only a fraction of the penalty. Just click on this little . to enter next months drawing.

Posted May 23rd, 2002 by el ztaffo

Toy Machine Ed Templeton on

Go check out Ed Templeton's web-exclusive interview on Plus you can check out the shirt he designed for Thrasher and enter to win a Diego The Butcher complete. For a limited time! While supplies last!

Just kidding, the link is here,

Posted May 21st, 2002 by el booooty hole!

Deathbox Dave "THE RULER" Ruel - Sighting at DEATHBOX

Rumor has it that current pool ruler, and winner of this years Basic Bowl event - Dave "THE RULER" Ruel has been in negotiations with the crew at DEATHBOX over a new contract. How sick would that be? Looks like DEATHBOX is living up to it's "RULE THE POOL" mantra... More to follow
Posted May 21st, 2002 by D-BOY

Foundation Corey Duffel now on Speed Metal.

Corey Duffel just accepted sponsorship from Speed Metal bearings. Can they hold up to Corey's skating? We will see soon my Patowan learner. Soon the force be living inside you. It will.
Look for ads to be out soon!
Posted May 16th, 2002 by el corey

Toy Machine Toy Machine Team news.

There’s been a lot going on with Toy Machine lately and incase your head is spinning, here’s the low down. The new AM team is Billy Marks, Nate Broussard and Josh Harmony. Toy Machine’s pros are Ed Templeton, Diego The Butcher, Austin Stephens and Caswell Berry. So there!

Billy Marks is coming strong out of the gate! Skating hard everyday. Recently he just took first place at the AM contest in Phoenix. He’s also pounding out a part in the new Digital video.

Caswell Berry took 7th as an AM at Slam City. Diego is working on a Skateboarder interview. Ed Templeton and Austin Stephens are both filming for the Emerica video.

Posted May 16th, 2002 by el booty hole

Toy Machine Toy Machine tour starts May 17th.

Toy Machine’s Sucking the Life Tour starts May 17th. Be sure to check out for dates and locations. There is even phone numbers of the shops to call. Sometime in (possibly in September), after the tour, Toy Machine will be releasing a promo video. It’s been awhile since the last video and a lot has changed, for the better! So expect a lot of rail chomping and huge skateboarding stunts.
Posted May 16th, 2002 by el ztaffo

Pig Wheels Neil Heddings is now Pimpin the Pig Wheels.

Neil Heddings and Hollywood’s Brad Hiser are now both on Pig Wheels.
Let’s see here, the Pig team is Chris Pastras, Kris Markovich, Charlie Wilkins, Ryan Wilburn, Jon West, Satva Leung, Daniel Shimizu, Aaron Harrison, Ethan Fowler, Neil Hendrix, Neil Heddings, Matt Hensley, Brad Hiser, Corey Duffel, Austin Stephens, Nate Broussard, PJ Ladd, Justin Roy, Richie Belton, Don the Nuge, Mike Rusczyk, Tony Silva, Slayer and Charlie Daniels. Holeeee Cow!
Posted May 16th, 2002 by anonymous bastard

Ruckus Metal Shimizu is now on Ruckus.

Daniel Shimizu is now rocking the Ruckus! Along with Ethan Fowler, Kris Markovich, Jason Adams and Don The Nuge. To celebrate Daniels arrival to the team, Ruckus is releasing 2 new colors, white and gold. Are you ready for a Ruckus?
Posted May 16th, 2002 by el ztaffo

Deathbox Eric Dressen Joins Deathbox!

This just in, the mighty Eric Dressen has just joined forces with Deathbox! Deathbox is rounding out it's roster with legends from all eras.
Posted May 16th, 2002 by el this just in.

Deathbox Deathbox Grom.

Deathbox grom Nathan Groff has a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place so far this year and is placed 2nd over all in the 2002 CASL season. He’s doing a demo for the premiere of the Scooby-Doo movie in Hollywood with the vans team. Nathan is also busy doing a photo shoot with T-Bone for a feature in an upcoming Juice interview.
Posted May 16th, 2002 by el ztafool

Deathbox Deathbox at!

The bros at have Deathbox covered. The site features video clips, photos, session updates and just added a review of the newly released signature series of decks.


Posted May 13th, 2002 by Rule The Pool

Foundation Corey Duffel Places 2nd place in Seattle!

Newest Foundation team rider Corey Duffel places 2nd place in the Seattle contest this last weekend!! Good job Corey!
Posted May 13th, 2002 by Josh Beagle

Foundation F Pop Top decks out now!

These highly durable and stiff decks are the acclaim of the Foundation team.

"Stiffer than a boy scout at cheer leader camp," says Ethan Fowler.

Go here now to get the specs and cashing out details.

"To be reckoned with..." Yuck Fou

Posted May 9th, 2002 by Yuck Fou

Foundation Up with the Punks!

Let the politicians know that we won't stand down when it comes to our rights to skateboard and have public, free skateparks.

Go here now and give em hell.

Yuck "Punk" Fou

Posted May 9th, 2002 by Yuck Fou

Foundation Duffel and Silva attack at Sound and Fury

Foundation destroyers Corey Duffel and Tony Silva are in Seattle at the Sound and Fury World Amatuer Competition this weekend.

these guys are "to be reckoned with..."

Stay tuned.

Posted May 9th, 2002 by Yuck Fou

Toy Machine Caswell at SCJ.

Cawell getting Berry with it at Slam City Jam. Werd!
Posted May 9th, 2002 by Jim Argyle

Tum Yeto Help skateboarding, support SB994.

Got this in today, it looks as though we could all help the future of skateboarding per this message. Read on below.

Subject: Skatepark Alert!! SB 994 Date: 5/7/02 8:28 PM

Do you like public skateparks?

Then click on this link and let the world know. Be a part of the solution to keeping public skateparks growing and going.


Ladies and Gents,

Despite previous efforts to profile the urgency of our support of SB994 I find there remains a bit of confusion as to how or why or what--thus another attempt to help clarify our role.

The above link is one you can visit and or have all of your internet users link to...

The concept is simple, get people around the world, the USA, and CA to voice their support of SB 994.

This bill, if passed, guarantees public skateparks for the immediate future. Without this legislation the future of CA CA's public skateparks

will be determined in the courts on a case to case basis. We don't want that to happen because most parks and rec folks will be very uneasy without the bill and their immediate choice will more than likely be to close their public park.

The legislative process continues throughout the summer, there will be hearings in June, that I will attend, and in July, and probably again in

September and October (my sport coat is dry-cleaned and I'll even iron my tie).


Posted May 9th, 2002 by Zimbo


Subject: Skatepark Alert!! SB 994 Date: 5/7/02 8:28 PM Do you like public skateparks? Then click on this link and let the world know. Be a part of the solution to keeping public skateparks growing and going. CLICK HERE:
Posted May 8th, 2002 by PARKRIDER

Foundation Jon West Slasher Commercial

Check out this video of the Jon West Slasher Deck commercial! (You will need Quicktime to view it, and it is about 400k in size)

Jon West Slasher Commercial

Posted May 8th, 2002 by Some Random Serial Murderer

Deathbox Death Box Limited Series!

Expect all the pro boards in stock for wholesale sales and retail sales by the end of the week May tenth.

Decks from Jay Adams, Brad Bowman, Wentzle Ruml, Pineapple, Hackett, Inouye, and Folmer. Classic graphics on classic decks.

For Wholesale sales click here

For International sales click here

To buy Deathbox now click here

Posted May 7th, 2002 by Rule The Pool

Foundation Transworld Skateboarding Magazine

The word on the streets is that Justin Strubing is on the cover of the new "Pro Issue" TWS Magazine. Right on Justin!
Posted May 7th, 2002 by Joshua Beagle


DEATHBOX is now looking for photos of your hot chick by the pool.
Send photos to: make sure they are in .jpeg; .jpg or .gif format and if your chick meets the DEATHBOX standard of "RIDABLE" she will be included in our "WHO'S HOT" section for all to drool over with your name claiming "DROP IN" rights.


Posted May 7th, 2002 by Rule the Pool

Foundation Foundation So. Cal. Tour?

Word around the FOSKCO offices is that Foundation may be going on a mini So. Cal. tour, around the begining of June. We are still working on the dates and locations, so check back soon for more details.
Posted May 6th, 2002 by el ztaffo

Pig Wheels SLAYER and Pig Wheels contest.

Thats right sukka fishes! We gots the hook up with SLAYER. Believe it or not, they are actual fans of Pig Wheels, they even ride em. Some of the Tum Yeto metal heads el ztaffo, Bobby Ferry, Greaser and Jones went backstage to their last show in SD and Slayer has Pig stickers on everything! Lead singer Tom was seen pimping a Pig sweatshirt. Go check out the SLAYER site and enter to win. Pig claims no responsibility for what you may see while on the Slayer site.
Posted May 2nd, 2002 by el ztaffo