News From April 2002

Foundation Duffel on Droors

They are sporting him the flow for the moment but have him in line for the full monty. Rock on.
Posted April 30th, 2002 by Yuck Fou

Foundation Chaos tour update.

Report from Charlie Thomas. On the road....

Foundation crew crushes Oregon in one day. Tony Silva grinded a corner kinked rail. That's right a kink that goes around a corner. Corey Duffel was the tough guy of the day with a k-grind, backside 50-50, and feeble on a super kinked rail with steps as long as sidewalks. As if this was not enough, he did a front side board slide on a 12-stair rail with little or no room for landing. He then kick flipped over a quite large street barrier with a sign and a sand bag as a launching pad. This was all accomplished in one day.

The whole F crew then proceeded to destroy the Department of Skate Works Park in Portland. They shook some hands at skate shop Cal's Pharmacy and called it a day. They’re on their way to Exit Real world Salem, OR to decimate the remainder of the state. Now why do they call Oregon the beaver state?

Posted April 29th, 2002 by el ztaffo

Deathbox This just in. Deathbox rules.

THIS JUST IN!!! DEATHBOX SKATEBOARDS Is currently finalizing production on their new pro line of decks to be done and ready to ship early May 2002.

The elusive Jay Adams has been working with Hackett and Tony Mag on the new Jay Adams Design Osiris shoe to be released by the end of this year; in the meantime Jay has been destroying coping and sessioning some killer pools over in Hawaii filming for the new poolriding documentary “Chlorine”.

Deathbox and Osiris shoes are sponsoring the “King of Kona” contest in JAX Florida. David Hackett and Mike Folmer were there from the 11th through the 17th at the event…formerly known as The Longboard Skateboard World Championships, Hackett will be judging along with OG’s Steve Olson, old Z-Flex team member George Wilson, and Wounded Knee’s Andy Kessler. Look for Olson and Hackett to compete in the infamous banked slalom event where they are expected to take all the money!! The Florida Old School skate jam will be hosted at the Kona park on Sat. night during the event. Kona expects about a thousand in attendance? Floridian legends Bruce Walker, Reggie Barnes, Mike McGill, Alan Gelfand, Mike Folmer, Mark Lake, Shawn Peddie, and Florida favorite Kelly Lynn.

Destroy All Monthly music magazine just interviewed Doug “Pineapple” Saladino and Hackett for their upcoming issue, to talk about the Old days and what’s happening these days with DEATHBOX SKATEBOARDS.

On April 21 some of the Deathbox boys competed in the Catalina Classic Slalom contest held on the island over that weekend. Some heavy raging and all nighters to happened in between contest days. The last time the event was held was 25 years ago? Hackett took 5th in the Slalom. This year, he showed the rewards of being an all around hardcore skater by challenging all comers.

Rumor has it that a big meeting of all the DEATHBOX OG’s is to take place sometime at the end of the month in conjunction with the premiere of the DogTown and Z-Boys movie. Hackett, Ruml, Inouye, Pineapple, Swank, Bowman, and Folmer will be joining Denise Richards, Sean Penn, Stacy Peralta, Carmen Electra, Tony Alva, Pamela Anderson, Jack Nicholson, and a cast of thousands to the LA event and an after party scheduled to be OFF THE HOOK!

Posted April 29th, 2002 by el ztaffo

Foundation FOSKCO news.

Daniel Shimizu just bought a new sleek black Civic 2002. If you see him coming get off the sidewalk immediately! Currently Daniel has some good stuff in the works for TWS, so keep your eyes peelin on and off the road.

It’s officially official! Corey Duffel is now an official Glam Boy. If you did not know already the controversial and amazing rider of the boards Mr. Corey Duffel is the Foundation Skateboards newest rider and in FULL effect. Dubbed the “loose cannon” on Foundation, Corey is ready to take over. Check out his bio page for details, drawings and photos.

Corey is all healed up now from his encounter with the jocko rocko and is out shreeeding again. Word on the street is something about an 18 stair to huge drop. Amazing! Look out for that shit soon!

Justin Strubing is feeling much better and is starting to roll around. Look for him on the cover of the new monsterskate catalog.

Ethan Fowler has also been very busy. Right now he’s working on a Pro Spotlight and a video part for TWS. Both of which are sure to be daft punk.

Jon West stopped by last week and hung around the headquarters for a couple days. Some heavy sessions went down everyday after work. Jon drove down from BC and was on a little mini tour for himself his girl and his baby. Hold up! Jon’s girl is 7 months along and the baby is not born yet, but it’s coming soon. If it looks anything like Jon and his girl, it will be gorgeous!

Tony Silva just accepted sponsorship on RVCA. This new clothing company is taking over!

Posted April 29th, 2002 by el ztaffo

Pig Wheels Nate Broussard on Pig?

Pig Wheels just added Nate Broussard to the wheel team. Welcome Nate!

Don't forget to check out the new Pig Wheels site!

Posted April 29th, 2002 by el Nato

Ruckus Metal New Ruckus Mesh Caps.

New Ruckus Metal trucker mesh cap. Comes in 4 colors, black w/ red mesh, black w/blue mesh and all black. Keep on truckin.

Ruckus is coming out with new products everyday. Keep on the RuckusMetal site for updates.

Posted April 29th, 2002 by el Rucko

Zero Zero or Die!

-Jamie Thomas- "Dying To Live" Those three words best explain what Jamie's been up to lately. He's been traveling everywhere trying to dodge injury while continuing to film for his part. If you have a spot in your hometown, don't be surprised to hear the generator and to see Jamie skating your local school. It's by any means necessary at this point. When the video comes out, all his missions will be revealed. Here's a list of a few areas you can check to witness his recent carnage. 411VM Issue #50, The Gold Issue. Jamie has a "Day in the Life", Thrasher, Online interview and his new Monster ad in Transworld Skateboarding Magazine, July 2002,Issue 20 #7. On a separate note, Jamie's personal email address from "" has been shut down for an undetermined amount of time, due to the thousands of emails that have piled up. It's impossible for him to continue to film and to respond to the e-mails as they come, so if you have an email pending, please be patient, he'll get to it. Also, keep checking for constant updates and surprises.

-Adrian Lopez- Adrian is on the prowl 24/7. His most recent trip was to Miami with the C1RCA team, where he was doing some serious lurking and getting some serious footage for "Dying To Live" His new shoe is now out in a skate shop near you and it's one of the best shoes you'll ever slip your feet in, So check them out. It's called the AL202. This illusive character has some new photos coming out soon so be on the lookout in every magazine. Also, keep checking for constant updates and surprises.

-Matt Mumford- Mumford is coming out hard in 2002 and taking no prisoners. He just recently purchased a new Harley, so stay off the sidewalks and streets. The Globe DVD is out with special footy, and in case you haven't seen it yet, Matt has one of the best parts in the video. It's as gnarly as it gets. Every kid should go buy anything with Matt's name on it right now. You will not be disappointed. If it holds up to the Mutt's standards, it'll hold up to yours. Also, keep checking for constant updates and surprises.

-John Rattray- The Rat Man is currently in Scotland awaiting the arrival of his work visa. As soon he gets it, he'll be back in the states shredding our spots daily. He's been skating everyday in his homeland while dodging snow, rain and every other type of crappy weather. He's gearing up for the summer and he has plans on traveling to Barcelona soon to get some filming done for his part in "Dying To Live" and maybe even stay for a bit. Also, keep checking for constant updates and surprises.

-Chris Cole- WOW! What more can I say. Zero's newest addition to the team, and man what a good one. You can open any magazine and see some type of coverage of this guy. He is non-stop power. Any doubts, please check his new AM Spotlight in Transword Skateboarding Magazine, July 2002, Issue 20 #7. In this interview you'll find the complete package, every photo is amazing and overall one of the best interviews I've seen. He has a C1RCA ad in that same issue. He definitely deserves what's coming to him. If any of you out there don't know who this guy is, you've done missed the ship. Welcome to the team Chris. Also, keep checking for constant updates and surprises.

-Ryan Smith- Ryan has had a ton of new footy hit the street in the last few months. He has first-part in the new RDS video, which you must buy. It's available on VHS and DVD, so no excuses. He also has a "20 questions" interview in the newest Transworld Skateboarding Magazine, July 2002, Issue 20 #7, along with a DC ad where he's putting a rail in it's place and a Zero ad skating a massive familiar ledge. Check ads for more info. He has been added to the "CCS Mail-order" team and has a 2-page spread coming out in the soon. Check for a special web interview, plus trick tip with Mr. Smith. Be on the look out for Ryan everywhere, make sure you plaster every photo you find all over your room or apartment, the ladies will be impressed. Also, keep checking for constant updates and surprises.

-Jon Allie- Jon Allie is a skate machine. He eats, sleeps and breathes skateboarding. If he's not skating he's watching a skate video or dreaming of skating. He, has a 4-page interview in the "Unprofessional" section in the newest Transworld Skateboarding Magazine, July 2002, Issue 20 #7. Jon is picking up some serious hype with every photo, so check every magazine to see what it's all about. Check Active Mailorder's AM catalog for an exclusive interview. He can be seen on any street or spot between San Diego and L.A. ripping every thing in his path. Also, keep checking for constant updates and surprises.

-Ryan Bobier- Ryan has been on Zero since around the beginning and it shows. Although, he's still the youngest by age, he's one of the most respected, humble and mature riders. He has a "Check Out" in the newest Transworld Skateboarding Magazine, July 2002, Issue 20 #7 so look into that. He has an interview in the Active Mail-order AM catalog so check that out too. Ryan has been busy shredding, and trying to finish school so he can concentrate on nothing but "Skateboarding". Also, keep checking for constant updates and surprises.

-Lindsey Robertson- L-I-N....D-S-E-Y, That's how it sounds when Lindsey's around. He's always replacing some type of lyric with his own name, and making a joke out of it. Lindsey is gnarly, you'll soon find out. He has been in Miami, which is his hometown, shredding and working on getting himself his first car. Every time I talk to him he's either got some steaks on the grill, skating, or just returning from the beach. Lindsey is a superstar in the making. He has a 2-page spread in the "Contents" section of the newest Transworld Skateboarding Magazine, July 2002, Issue 20 #7. Check it out to see one of the gnarliest ollies yet, Lindsey aint skeered. He is scheduled to return to California late April to add some hammers to his part in "Dying To Live". Also, keep checking for constant updates and surprises.

Posted April 29th, 2002 by Billy

Tum Yeto Inferior Media:

Thrasher May 2002: Jason Adams on the cover! Deathbox expression session at the Pink Motel, pg. 86-89. The Nuge getting rowdy on page 110. Caswell Berry all over the Tampa AM, cause he won that bitch! Ethan Fowler interview on page 116-118. Corey Duffel front blunts page 133. Lindsey Robertson on page 138-139. Jason Adams quick steps page 141. Secret Toy Machine flow rider Josh Harmony f/s crooks.

Skateboarder 2002: Sean Hayes got a check out in there somewhere.

Heckler May 2002: Ethan Fowler interview on page 34-39. Transworld July 2002: Lindsey Robertson gets the contents page. Caswell Berry 360 flip, page 102. Old school Matt Mumford on page 168. 20 questions with Ryan Smith, pg. 176-187. Chris Cole spotlight on page 196-210. Jon Allie page 216-219. Caswell Berry pg, 226-229. Austin Stephens pg. 266-267. Ryan Bobier checkout on page 376.

Posted April 29th, 2002 by el ztaffo

Toy Machine New am update

Nate Broussard has landed himself on Toy Machine!

His smooth style makes a great addition to the new toy machine am team of death.

Keep posted for more.
Posted April 26th, 2002 by the Ed

Foundation Crank records and Foskco.

Foskco's ever evolving mission to build the secret society, has teamed us up with some great underground revolutionaries and this one is no different. Foundation and crank records has joined forces to keep the movement alive and would like to giveaway some free stuff. That is (of course) if you want some free stuff. Just go to crank! A RECORD COMPANY and enter to win! It's so easy, when everybodies try to please me, baby. Crank has some good tunes, so I'd suggest hanging around their site after you enter and listen to some of their bands. We wouldn't do a contest with just anyone. Would we?
Posted April 9th, 2002 by el ztaffo

Pig Wheels Pig / Slayer contest.

Thats right sukka fishes! We gots the hook up with SLAYER. Believe it or not, they are actual fans of Pig Wheels, they even ride em. Some of the Tum Yeto metal heads went backstage to their last show in SD and Slayer has Pig stickers on everything! Go check out the SLAYER site. Or click here to go directly to the contest page. Or do both!

Fingers? Why do they call them that? I've never seen them fing?

Posted April 8th, 2002 by el slayer

Toy Machine Pheonix trip

This weekend Toy Machine and some people from Emerica shoes will be hitting Pheonix, AZ to skate.

But it's TOP SECRET so don't tell anybody.
Posted April 4th, 2002 by ed T.

Toy Machine Fugazi Pilgramage

Ed Templeton and his wife just got back from a road trip to Texas to see thier favorite band, FUGAZI.
They toured with them for 3 days from Austin to Ft. Worth Texas.
If you ever get a chance to see Fugazi, do it. They are the best live band in the world.
Posted April 4th, 2002 by El-Bunghole