News From October 2001

Tum Yeto Memorial skatepark meeting.

Attention all skateboarders in SD. The meeting will take place Wednesday December 12th at 5:00PM at the Boys and Girls Club at Memorial Park. (Corner of 30th and Marcy St.) Directions: From I-15 take the Ocean View Blvd exit. Head West. Take a left onto 30th ST. Take a right onto Marcy St. This is the new location of the meeting.

This is the big Skatepark Meeting for Memorial Skatepark. We will be notifying all of the neighbors around the site, so it is very important that we have as many skaters there as possible to head off any opposition. Plus you'll get to see the proposed plans and site. We need to get hundreds of skaters from all over San Diego there. Be there!

Posted October 23rd, 2001 by el ztaffo

Zero New Zero Riders

Word on the streets is that Zero will be announcing new riders next month... check here for info.
Posted October 19th, 2001 by Some Guy

Foundation Skateboarding and NYC.

On October 26th Daniel Shimizu, Tony Silva and Charlie Thomas are headed to NYC to participate in a skateboard jam at the Millennium Skate Park of Brooklyn. Organized by Mark Waters and Sole Tech, this jam is a chance for the skateboard industry to show support and raise money for the victims of the World Trade Center attack. Best trick contests, pro demonstration, product giveaways, DJ’s and other live entertainment is scheduled. Skateboarders from all over the industry will be attending. This is gonna be huge. Be there!
Posted October 18th, 2001 by el ztaffo

Toy Machine Ed Templeton got third at Triple Crown.

Ed Templeton scored an amazing turd place with a flawless run at the Triple Crown contest in Oceanside. I heard an insider say, "Ed Templeton kind of surpassed everyone by skating like a madman all weekend and noseblunt sliding across and down the funbox ledge with ease. Ed was seriously killing it and walked away with 10,000 bucks, which buys a lot of gold Toy Machine medallions." Check out the run of a madman by clicking on Ed's run.
Posted October 18th, 2001 by el ztaffo

Ruckus Metal Ruckus site is up.

The Ruckus site is ready for penetration! Lots of stuff to check out, so go check it out.
Posted October 17th, 2001 by el ztaffo

Tum Yeto New poll.

New poll. Get to it sukkaz!
Posted October 16th, 2001 by el ztaffo

Foundation Meet Dookie!

Who is Dookie? Shit, I don't know. He just appeared one day. Sometimes he is my friend...I think. Want to meet him check him out at my very own web site all about me!


Tum Yeto New TYBB website!

Check it ouuuuut!

Tum Yeto Bad Boyz

Posted October 7th, 2001 by El Staffo

Pig Wheels New AMs on Pig!

As you’ve probably heard, Richie Belton left Ricta for Pig wheels. Good move Richie! Don “the Nuge” has also joined the rankes of the elite Pig team. Oink, oink.
Posted October 4th, 2001 by el ztaffo with toe nails

Foundation F team news.

Foundation picked up a new AM. Hand rail master Tony Silva. Not Da Silva, just straight up Silva. He’s new and kicking arse! Watch for him in and the rest of the F Galm boys in Foundations Tragic Hysteria tour on 411 #49.

In other F AM news, Mike Rusczyk has a mini interview coming up in the next Slap, issue # December. Mike Rusczyk is also in line for knee surgery, “he has some torn up shit in there”. Plus, Mike just accepted sponsorship for Speed Metal bearings, look for the 2 page ad in mags now.

The F in Europe article will be in Transwolrd issue # January. Look for the escapades of Daniel Shimizu, Mike Rusczyk and Justin Roy as they unleash their homicidal activities on the streets of Europe. I heard the stories and they sound like fun.

Justin Strubing and Daniel Shimizu are cruising out to Spain for the Barcelona contest. If your on that side of the globe, go check em and let em know you care. After the contest they’ll be on a filming mission for the new and highly anticipated Emerica video.

Now go skate!

Posted October 4th, 2001 by you can't spell el ztaffo without affo

Foundation The Weaklings.

Just recently Ethan Fowler went on a tour with his Portland band The Weakings. They went down the west coast playing shows at select locations, culminating at the Casbah in San Diego, where they were welcomed by an onslaught of admiring fans. Go to your local record store and look for their music, but don’t look for them on tour again, cause shortly after the tour they broke up.
Posted October 4th, 2001 by el ztaffo with skin

Ruckus Metal Wreck shit!

Ruckus is the new word on the street for metal. Trucks that is. Look for Jason Adams, Kris Markovich and Ethan Fowler wrecking shit!
Posted October 4th, 2001 by el ztaffo with a butt.

Tum Yeto Inferior Media.

Inferior media:

Transworld December 2001: Ed Templeton’s top 5, pg. 92. Matt Hensley is too fucking high, pg. 94. Matt Mumford pizzeys a b/s tail, pg. 176. Justin Strubing kicking butt on pgs, 178 and 179. Matt Mumford on the double page, 182 – 183.

SBC Skateboarding December 2001: Jon West b/s smithy smith, pg. 36. Jamie Thomas 5-0 to Calvin Klein, pg. 192-193.

Thrasher November 2001: Jon Allie graces the contents page. Jon Allie has never sacked on pg. 126. Foundation giveaway on the giveaway page.

Slap November 2001: Jason Adams is #77 on the gallery pages.

Big Brother November 2001: Ryan Wilburn rides the bridge, pg. 84. Ryan Wilburn does an emotional f/s nose blunt, pg. 86-87.

Strength November 2001: Check the 14 page interview with Jason Adams. Also, Austin Stephens was on the cover last month. Go cheeeck it, bra! Or call em up and ask for back issues. Next month there will be a Blood Sucking Ed Templeton package, answer some questions and win Ed’s board, Tee, wheels and his Emerica shoes. Kick ass! Sea bass!

Posted October 4th, 2001 by el ztaffo with hair.

Foundation TY site winner for Sept.

Matt Munn with a Z is the big winner for Sept. He gets to rock a conundrum of contemporary modern Foundation bestow-ments. Thats right you heard it! A Chaos board, F-wing tee, Classic tee, established zip up sweatshirt, v.3.0 wheels in 54mm, the new F blue jeans, a one and only Yuck Fou cap - in yellow, (the ugliest color I could find), a O.G. Star & Moon beanie and a pack o stickers! Nice little package if I do say so myself. Look for Matt Munn around Layton, Utah with a Z!

If your a loser this month and have lost your Waterloo it's not too late. You can enter by depressing here.

Posted October 2nd, 2001 by el ztaffo

Foundation Invert 2001.

Here it goes again! The turd annual Invert pro contest is back. The event has been moved to an earlier date and to a new location, October 12-14 at the Irvine Spectrum Center. Foundation is sponsoring the Best Trick Contest and myself, el ztaffo will be there with raffles, posters, stickers, beer and bags full of hair. Check out for more details. You can also check out the flyer.
Posted October 1st, 2001 by el ztaffo

Foundation What's happening?

Here's the gist on what's going on with the site. Mainly you may have seen a slow down in updates mainly due to myself being swamped. When I got back from tour I just got back into work mode and lagged on the adding to the journal. I have a bunch of photos that Cronan sent that I will post . I was writing the editorial and when I left I was hoping someone on the trip would take over but that did not happen so why don't one of you wackos that attended tour events write up something and we'll add it to the site.

The fall season new graphics are out now. Ethan and our art staff came up with some killer shit. There's the good news series. The TV series and ad series. The ad series match recent ads like Jon West Blood Fest and Daniel Shimizu FoundAsian. We also have some new mini decks as well as new Poolrider decks for you old goats. Check them out in our Get the Goods gear search. Demand from your local shop or hit up Hanger 18 and because they are both close by and can get it quick.

Other crap. Been getting some new tattoos including Jason Graffius' whippersnappers and This other guy that got the F Skull pretty big on his forearm. Rocking. The team has been cranking. Look for themm in the mags and a detailed repport here soon. Here's a letter from a fan man. Keep on rolling. -Swank

Sent: Friday, September 28, 2001 4:50 PM

Hey Foundation,

I just wanted to write and say that Foundation fucking rocks! You guys have the best team of heshers out there! I am a fan of technical skating, but recently I bought Foundation's new vid "Art Bars - Subtitles and Seagulls," and it fucking rocks! My favorite part was Kris Markovich's part as well as Daniel Shimizu's part. Daniel's style is fucking amazing. It's like his ass touches the ground after a big rail...and then, a smooth rebound back up. It has been my favorite video out of a collection of many. That Jon West film at the end was sweet, too. I just wanted to acknowledge that all Tum Yeto companies rock...If I got a reply from the owner or whatever, or anyone on Foundation, it would make my dull, boring life a lot better. I think I'm gonna stop talking now, because I know you guys are busy skating and stuff. By the way, I can't skate for about 2 more weeks, because of some bogus knee problems...Anyway, keep up the good work. Thanks for your time...If you even read my sappy letter...

Sincerely yours, A skateboarder named Brandon Getty.

Posted October 1st, 2001 by Swank