News From October 2000

Foundation Markovich Fans!

Kris Markovich will having a autograph signing courtesy Hanger 18 Skateshop in San Diego this Sunday Oct. 29, 2000 at 1:30 PM. If you are in the area go see the K get his autograph and then sell it on ebay.
Posted October 24th, 2000 by El Staffo

Foundation Propaganda

Kris Markovich on November 5th, 2000. Be there, be square.
Posted October 21st, 2000 by El Staffo

Foundation Mini Foundation Tour

Justin Roy, Daniel Shimizu left October 18th and are heading up the coast for a mini film tour. They meet up with Justin Strubing in S.F. and attack the Bay city. They then head up to Portland to hook up with Mr. Ethan Fowler. He joins them to Vancouver and session with the Canadian Vampire, Jon West. Then barrel back to S.D. filming the whole time for the new Foundation Video "Art Bars: Seaguls and Subtitles". All the while the entire fiasco is being documented by Jai Tanju (Skateboarder Mag Photog) and filmer Ryan Brennecke. BEWARE!
Posted October 20th, 2000 by El Staffo

Tum Yeto Contest Winner 9.00

Phil Jackson of Merion, PA wins a FAT package from Pig Wheels! He gets A set of Pig Pro Ethan Fowler "Clapping Monkey" 52mm wheels, Speed Star bearings, Big Pig Back Pack, Pig Face Cap, patented Pig Skate Tool, keychain Pig of course, Pig Two Row Spike Leather Belt, a couple of tees, a hood sweat, a watch, a wallet and stickers. Jeez louise. Whose the idiot at Tum Yeto that came up with that prize package? Who ever he is he's fired.
Posted October 2nd, 2000 by El Staffo