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Toy Machine Grip It And Rip It with Johnny Layton

Johnny Layton “Grip it and Rip It” Quiz:


                                                                                                          click image for video

What type of board does Stephen Colbert ride?

(a)   G&S Bill Tocco
(b)  Nash Executioner
(c)   Toy Machine Diego Bucchieri
(d)  Shop Deck
(e)   All of the Above

Stephen Colbert pushes?

(a)   like J-Lay
(b)  hella fast
(c)   mongo
(d)  switch while going regular
(e)   all the above

How Many Friends does Toy Machine have on Myspace?

(a)   none
(b)   way to many
(c)  just me
(d)  No friends just loyal pawns

Skater of the Year should be?
(a)   Ed Templeton
(b)  Johnny Layton
(c)   Leo Romero
(d)  Nick Trapasso
(e)   The entire Toy Machine team

What’s the name of the Toy Machine promo video?
(a)   Life in the LBC
(b)  Johnny already did it
(c)   Brainwash
(d)  LE
(e)   All the above

Toy Machine is introducing two new ams. They are:
(a)   Billy Ruff
(b)  Collin Provost
(c)   Griffin Collins
(d)  Jordan Taylor
(e)   Dick Assman

Your favorite Toy Machine flow rider is?
(a)   Daniel Lutheran
(b)  Marquis Preston
(c)   Dakota Servold
(d)  Julian Davidson
(e)   All the above and list all the others we couldn’t fit on the quiz

Johnny’s has been called?
(a)   The man
(b)  Big boy
(c)   Hitler
(d)  J-Lay
(e)   All the above

Finish this statement: Buy Toy Machine or
(a)   J-Lay will kick your ass
(b)  The terrorists win
(c)   Don’t
(d)  you wont get laid
(e)   kill yo’ self

What’s the 12th trick in the Zumiez Demo video on the Toy Machine site?
(a)   Leo grinding up the rail
(b)  Billy’s nollie inward heel
(c)   Ed’s nosegrind)
(d)  Josh’s 5.0
(e)   Ed’s sack

How many pair of Toy Machine socks do you own?
(a)   none I’m a idiot
(b)  getting some for Christmas
(c)   as many as J-Lay will give me
(d)  4 pair
(e)   I don’t have any but I’m going to demand them from now own!

Who do you follow on Twitter?
(a)  Billy Marks
(b)  What’s Twitter
(c)  Toy Machine
(d)  Low Card
(e)   Nasa

Who’s missing from the team page?
(a)   me
(b)  Collin Provost
(c)   Billy Ruff
(d)  Jordan Taylor
(e)   Billy’s bro

If I win Johnny’s set up I will
(a)   shit myself
(b)  give it to a bro and make him skate with me
(c)   sell it on ebay
(d)  focus it and stab Johnny in the neck with it
(e) become a loyal pawn for life

Email answers to
gripitandripit@tumyeto.com for your chance to win Johnny Laytons set up.

Posted December 1st, 2009 by Sinclair