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Foundation Angel Ramirez Interview

What’s your full name?
Angel Tommy Ramirez

Do you remember growing up in Chiuwauwa Mexico?
I didn’t really grow up there, I just always used to visit my dads family but it was awesome just to know where my dads from.

Didn’t your dad drop you off the back of his motorcycle on one of the visits?
No but he has fallen off one when him and my uncle were riding.

Check out Angel and the homies recent journey from Tampa and back right here and here
What’s makes you comfortable on those long trips?
Any time there’s some Colorado kool-aid in my hand.

Who is the biggest creep you have ever met?
My man Matt B. Best creep ever or GG.

What’s it like traveling with Rodent from The Skateboard Mag?
Wow…. hes a hyper one!

Is it true you sometimes eat fireworks?
Maybe, I probably don’t remember that but I did get hit in the eye with a roman candle.
Give me the run down of all your Denver homies and why the world should be on the look out for them.

Denver is the best little big city ever and all the homies are just down to skate and party plus all my family is here.

Who you want to shout out?

God, The Thuggets, Party FE and DUI Dan.
Who you want to give a big Fuck You too?
The Haters 

Never …………(fill in the blank)
Wet the bed like Beagle and Gareth.

Buy my board because it will……………..(fill in the blank)
Help you win the X- Games!
One thing you want to do before you die?
Keep rolling!

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Posted May 20th, 2009 by Sinclair