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Tum Yeto What's up with Harmony?


What’s new Josh?
Mostly skating, writing music, and playing music at church

You still got that Triumph?
sure do!

Do you take little Harrison on any rides?
I just throw him in my backpack and off we go. sometimes he'll crawl out and take the handlebars while I change gears.

Can Harrison skate yet?
He can knee board a bit. He seems like he’s going to like skating.

If Harrison started pushing mongo would you cry?
Nah, nothing a little heckling wont fix.

What did Harrison get for Christmas?
A little tikes basketball hoop. he slam dunks.

Has Ed ever scared the baby?
Harrison doesn't get scared.

Has Ed ever scared you?
Only when he’s driving, taking a photo, looking at a map, dipping a chip, changing songs, and singing all at once.

What’s one good Ed quote that you can remember?
"Dude, we're not gonna crash, I love my life."

Have you and Jenna been making plans for number 2?
Conception date: Dec 23 09. No clue.

How about a follow up album to “The Harmony’s?
I'm sure there will be. I’ve recorded some songs about God and put em up on myspace.com/joshharmonymusic

I listened to "cats" on the way to work today.
Oh yea?

I like the lady next door and track 11 the best.
Thanks! Jenna wrote the lyrics and I made the music.

josh guitar
(download and listen to track #4, "For Nick Drake", from The Harmonys)

How does it feel to have the Fallen video completed?
It feels good, another part under the belt. Im really looking forward to the next full length toy video. Kevin Barnett has some really good ideas.

What do you want to do in 2009?
Go on some epic toy trips, Lord willing

If you could make your own skate plans where would you want to go and what would you want to do?
U.S. road trips are always the best by far.

Who are your favorite travel companions out of all of your teams?
Austin and I hang the most on toy and RVCA trips and I usually kick it with Tony Cervantes on fallen trips. I love all the dudes im on teams with though.

Thanks for the Christmas card.
No problem.

No team rider has ever sent me a Christmas card.
You deserve one from all of them, those jerks!

Thanks Josh, keep ripping!


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 Harmony tried to grind his face off on our last tour. 
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