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Foundation What's New with the Duffman?

What's new with the Duffman?
Learn the rules mike, you don't need to ask. You know what im up to. Well, for the who don't I have just been skateboarding a lot. Trying to get stuff done for some new videos. Also working on an interview with my friend Dave Chami. Trying to get that finished up, but its getting cold out here in the creek. Winter is coming in hot. Well actually I mean its freezing balls. I got two new tattoos, haha. good times. My friend Chris and I both got the same one, its awesome and the other one is a heart with a dagger going through it; it has my dogs names on it "Crash and Wrecks." which are symbolic for; walnut creek, my home town, and my initials. William Corey. Other than that, same as always.

Heard you got a new lady in your life? Is it true she is only 4ft tall?

Well well well. Im dating this fucking awesome chick. Her name is Rachel Travers. She is a drummer in a cool band called Mister Loveless. They are some cats who I grew up with and went to school with. The dudes in the band were my skate crew when I was younger. Rachel kills it on the drums. Check out their website and their new EP.www.misterloveless.com
She is a lil one, but aint 4 foot. I think she's  a few inches taller than the average lil person. Hahah shes like 5'2. A real babe though, my kinda girl.

What happened to scrawny Duffel?
Doughnuts and burgers. Well truthfully, when I broke my leg, I got bored and started working out to stay in shape. I bought some weights and starting pumping iron. I got a punching bag to fuck around with. I guess getting thicker is just a part of growing up, im not that 16 year old chump no more. Well i might still be a total chump but im not as small.

What do you have planned for 2009?
live fast skate faster. I wanna get tons of good tricks, stay healthy and injury free. Finish my tws part and make it the best i can. have  a good time with Rachel. Same as always, live the good life and kick out the jams with all my homies!

How long have you ridden for Foundation?
8 years now i think.

What were some of your favorite Foundation graphics?
Brad Staba's first pro model. Barkee. I've had a bunch I really liked. Modern Lovers, Siouxsie and the banshees, Duffman, well quite frankly, im down for all mine. Josh Beagle had one with a germ I liked a lot.Anything that swank draws those were my favorite as a kid.

Who is your skate posse in Walnut Creek?
All my friends from Metro; the skateshop I ride for. My main man, Cameron, im with that cat everyday. Adam, my best mate who plays in the band called TheCatholiccom. They are amazing. Their 45 just came out, titled Vampire Life definitely worth buying. I also roll with all the homies at the creek park but the few I am usually found with are, Cam, Adam, Matty but if im in SD its always with Chris Larue

I heard the cops in Walnut Creek know you by your first name.
it's sadly beautiful

Tell everyone something they might not know about every rider on the Fondation team
Nuge: He may be a small dude, but he will kick the shit out of anyone. makes up a better bowl of Pho than most restaurants do. He's the easiest guy in the world to get a long with. Nuge is number one in my books. The Nuge abides!
Gareth: Smells like  a bum! also he's an illegal. DFG, dance floor Gary, is one fucking rad dude. You might not know this, but his grandpa was a pirate and was banned from the island.
Sierra: Isn't a crazy religious mark anymore. I think he can do more tricks than any one else i know. he dates an Asian girl from Norway.
Angel: Never wears a shirt anymore. I've know this kid since he was 12 years old. I would do anything for him. He's one of my best friends. One funny ass dude.
Abdias: I think he should be pro for F already
David: If you ever see David just ask him about the tingler! Digler is a lil man child.
Alex: From the east coast but now lives in crummy la. he can kill it on his battle axe.

What video projects are you working on for 2009?
Foundation has a video coming out, so i wanna finish that up but my main focus is all on my Transworld part. Im really trying hard to make my part fun and the best I can.

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Posted December 3rd, 2008