Features From November 2008

Toy Machine 10 Questions with Billy Marks

Why does your pregnant wife drive you around?

Because she hates my driving and I don't want to hear her bitch at me for driving bad. Plus I hate driving

What are some good baby names you have thought of?
There are too many to name...we are still undecided

What was the last stupid thing you bought?
A better question would be "what was the last smart thing you bought?"

At what age is it safe to put the baby in the tanning bed?
If you ask me another stupid FUCKING tanning bed question..........I will get you fired

What have you been doing since the Fallen video dropped?
Chillin......I have been on vacation in Corona....and playing ice hockey

How often do you play ice hockey?
I play like twice a week

Who got you into hockey?
I've always been into it but never had anyone to play with

Have you run into Mike V on the ice?
We went and played a pick up game not too long ago but that's about it.......I see him at ducks games every time I go

What is a typical day for Mr. Bill Marks?
Eat, video games, skate, play hockey, eat, drink!

What would you do if Ed gave you Toy Machine?
It would probably turn into the sketchiest company ever
Billy getting driven around town.
Posted November 13th, 2008